Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little artist

Well as I predicted Asa did better being out of the house today! This is what he was doing when I picked him up at school yesterday! He was having a good time with his own glue stick. He didn't evennotice me for the longest time!! At feeding therapy he made a tissue paper turkey. He wanted to pull the tissue paper off instead of put it on though! He is good with a crayon though. And I can ask he to draw a circle and he goes from scribles to circles!!

And he really did feeding too, not just turkey making! He had some marshmellows and graham cracker. Both are new foods and he self feed the graham cracker!

After feeding therapy he got a hair cut. DRAMATIC!!! I've been cutting his hair when he is in the tub. Just a few snips here and there. Now he won't let me touch his hair much less cut it! So I took him to the professionals!!! Bless the lady, she is so fast and can catch a moving head!!! It took 3 of us, 2 Dum Dum suckers, a balloon, lots of tears and screaming but it got done!! Whew, hopefully that will buy us a while. His hair grows so fast!

It wasn't a perfect day though! Asa screamed from the time we got home from school until about 5:38, or not that I was counting! If I sat and rocked him he was fine. And I did that and he took a 30 min nap on me but there was homework to be done and supper to cook. Anna tried to take him for a while and that didn't work either! Nothing made him happy. I don't think anything was wrong. I think it was behavioral. That's almost worse!! He went from fine to fit in a second! Hopefully we'll have a better transition today!

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