Monday, November 15, 2010

Same ole, same ole

It doesn't seem like there has been too much going on here. I think that is a good thing!!

Asa did well at school last week. It really tires him out and he usually has a melt down in late afternoon but that has been happening anyway so not much new! He is still super constipated but we see the GI NP wednesday. I hope they have ideas but so many have been tried and we've had no change.

He is being more adventurous in eating though! Sunday morning he ate a whole half of a pancake with me feeding him. Today I sat him at the table while I cooked super. I gave him a cheese cracker with peanut butter. He has held them in the past but tonight he ate them, 3 of them!!!! He has had bites of lots of other of our food too but this was the most he's eaten at one time! If he keeps this up I can see him one day eating enough so he isnt tube and Pedisure dependent! Won't that be something?!

Tomorrow is feeding therapy and school. Yay for school!!!

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