Tuesday, November 16, 2010

True Milestones!!!

Good news first! Asa sat up tonight all by himself!!!! Bless his heart, we've been working on that forever!! He has all the steps but can't or won't put them together. It is such hard work. There are lots of steps involved! You just lay down on your back and try to get up. How many steps does it take? I'm gonna try again tomorrow and have my camera ready!

And that's not all! At feeding therapy today Asa was having some peanut butter and graham cracker. He has had those before and was doing well with them. Then Mrs. Jill gave himsime sausage and biscuit!!! As soon as it hot his mouth he signed "more"!!! Seriously!!! He had several bites! We were both amazed!! I'm so proud of him trying new foods! Again we've worked soooo hard for these small but huge steps!

There was another milestone today too but it wasn't exactly a good one! He got startled and sick at school today! His teachers had to hook up the tube and drain him! :( They did great though. I'm amazed he has made it 3 weeks without freaking out on them! At least they know they can handle it!

Asa has a GI appt in the morning. I better get my thoughts on paper and be ready!


Anonymous said...

How awesome! Go Asa!

Cheryl and Bricen said...

Great job little guy!!!!