Saturday, November 6, 2010

ECHO and sick

I was going to blog last night but instead I went to bed a 8:30! I had tried to get Asa down for over an hour and when Barry came to relieve
me I just laid down in frustration. The next thing I know it is 1am!! Isn't Barry the sweetest for letting me crash!

Moma and I left home at 8am yesterday headed to Vandy for Asa's heart ECHO. We hadn't gotten far when Asa suddendly puked. He wasn't crying or startled, he just puked. He hasn't done that in forever. Then I remembered back to when I got him up. His room had a terrible odor. I don't even know how the describe it. His cheeks are flaming red. He has no fever and seems fine. Could all these be connected?

He got sick another time in the car and I stopped and bought a new outfit since I'd left his spare at school. He seemed fine! He had his lunch cup and didn't get sick.

We got to Vandy at 11 and headed to the ECHO lab. An ECHO is just an untrasound of the heart. No poking, no prodding, easy peasy. Right?!!! Asa did fine the first half but then he lost it. I just hope he was ok enough to get a good reading! The test will be read and sent to our Dr. next week. I expect it to be fine. We left Vandy before noon and began our 3 hour drive home.

Asa continued to eat normally, play and seemed fine. Then at home he puked up everything he'd had ALLDAY!! Massively gross! After I cleaned him, the table, the floor and 2 chairs up, he seemed fine. He scooted and played. Barry gave him some watered down juice and as soon as it went down it came back up. He did keep down some Pedilyte before bed.

All of this could be stomach bug but since he hasn't been pooping it has me worried. His GI appt on the 17th can't come soon enough! Oh and it is at a clinic here!!!! We have no more traveling scheduled until March when we head to Houston.

I'm praying that today is puke free!!!!


Sarah said...

So sorry Asa is feeling ill. i hope that he is doing better today. I hope the echo comes out ok. Keep us posted.

Emily said...

When are you going to Houston? The Mito What? 5k race/walk is March 26.