Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sick day

Asa didn't go to school or feeding therapy today. He woke up with a
slight fever. I kept waiting for more symptoms to appear but they
really never did. He poked his eyes a lot and dug at his nose. I had a
horrible sinus headache yesterday so maybe he had something like that
going on.

Taking his temp was funny. The only accurate temps are rectal. We
usually do under the arm to get an estimate. This morning when he felt
warm I needed a baseline so I did a rectal temp. It was 96.5. Hmmmm,
tried again....96.6. Really weird! He felt warm, eyes looked sick but
he had a low temp. I know his body does some crazy things but this was
CRAZY! I used the other thermometer under his arm and it was 100. Ok,
this made more sense! I guess the battery was low in Asa's
thermometer! It scared me for a second though!

It is tough guessing at Asa's illnesses! It could be teeth, pain, the
flu or autonomic! Take your pick! And his screeching and squealing
doesn't help! It has become his norm lately. It is hard to tell if he
is just rotten or if he needs something. I'm leaning towards rotten
most of the time! We are working on the sign "NO"! He told the cat
"no" today!

Just because we misses feeding therapy doesn't mean I didn't push him.
He tried a Gerber Graduates meal for lunch. He tried mashed potatoes,
gravy, chicken and carrots. He tried several bites of it all. I know
"several bites" does nothing calories wise but it is awesome texture

Hopefully tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled

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