Monday, November 8, 2010


Oh what a weekend! The high point was that I got to have a Sunday afternoon with my mito moms!! We had lunch and talked and shopped and talked! Then we emailed when we got home!!! I'm so thankful for all my online friends and especially my real life friends who really understand all this YUCK! I'd be a crazy mess without you all!!!

Asa is still down! I'll spare you the gross details but he is still pukey, not very eaty, crabby, noddlely and now diarreah! I thought he was puking because he wasn't pooping. Now I'm thinking a virus. He hasn't puked since Saturday but I used a suppository and he didn't respond so Sunday I used an enama. Today he had diarreah twice. Did I induce that or is it a virus?

And the GI symptoms are just what they are but the crabbiness and floppiness is what is hard to watch. He wants to do and go but just doesn't have the energy. He is NOT happy to sit and rock! I spent the whole morning carrying him room to room but he'd just point in another direction. EXHAUSTING!!! At noon I just laid him in the floor on his back and he was happy! For an hour he just lay there rolling around a little but mostly just hanging out. It's sad he just didn't have the energy to even sit up!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I don't think it'll be any better to hang put here again. I still plan on feeding therapy, haircut and school. I guess I can throw in the towel if it gets to be too much. But if he doesn't get a haircut soon I'll have to give him pigtails!!!

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Sarah said...

Aw poor Asa! he didn't even have the energy to even sit up! ? Poor little booger.

I hope he starts feeling well.

I have a fellow mito friend who lives close to me. It IS awesome to have someone who understands and can help you through stuff. Cheryl has so far been a big shoulder for me and is helping me with my denial.