Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our busy day

I write blogs in my mind all day. Most of the time by the time I get to the computer my mind has deleted the post so you miss out on my words of wisdom and just get updates. Then there are the days when something more important happens than the original post! That was today!

Our plan was for Asa and I to have Thanksgiving lunch with Gracie and Cade at school. I was very nervous about this! Lots of kids, lots of parents and grandparents and lots of noise. This was the set up for Asa to have an episode! Much like he did at the Christmas program last year. And graduation last year. And the fall carnival last year. This year Asa hasn't been to school! I was praying all day for a peaceful lunch. I talked to Asa about the noise. I got a drain bag all ready to go.

So we got to school and it was packed! I continued my pep talk with Asa. He did get pretty fussy but by the time we got in the lunchroom he was good. Even great! He was laughing and hugging Gracie. He even ate lunch!!! I started with sweet potatoes. Then he had cranberry sauce. Then I even tried the dressing. Success!!!! Complete success!!! He loved it all and kept asking for "more"! After lunch with Gracie, we hung out with Cade's class. It was good that I could have eaten a second plate but I didn't! Asa did really great the whole time!!! When we got in the van to go Asa signed "more" and looked down where I keep the hand sanitizer. Then he rubbed his together like rubbing the sanitizer in! He asked for sanitizer! I find that so funny on so many levels!

Tonight I taught him the sign for "please". That's misleading. We've worked on it a few days but tonight he gave it back to me! I was still prompting him but he signed it. I'd give him a bite of cookie and he'd sign more. I'd sign "more please" and he'd do more but please was wrong. He'd try but it was wrong. On his last two bites of cookie he got "please" right without my hand over hand help! Now we've just got
to work on consistancy!

And futher proof that Asa is a genius... I've got an iPhone. A commercial came on tv for the new iPhone and Asa completely turned around and reached for my phone that was on the table behind him!!! So funny!

Not so funny, Cade has strep throat! He had a sore throat this morning but I thought it was his allergies. He did the allergy meds and headed to school. He was fine at lunch. Then this afternoon he got off the
bus in tears. That's pain for a tough boy! I took him to the walk in
clinic and he has strep. We've always taken the shot for strep but the
kids have been smaller. Fighting a 9 year old boy is a whole other
thing! Thankfully Cade was tough and took the shot very little
arguing. I asked for syringes for the rest of us but the doc wouldn't
go for it!

Asa has the right idea with the sanitizer!


Heidi said...

YUCk, sorry about the strep, its really going around at our end. Logan having several students with it in his class and Jeff getting tested today, he's on antibiotics.

AND as for your little genius Asa! WTG on all the eating! WHOO-HOO, you know Im jealous there! The signing is so cool. I taught Jack signng when he was going to 0-3, they used it for all the kids and he picked it up. Even though he could talk, he loved doing it.

HUGS and always prayers for your boy...oh and an extra one for Cade too!
Heidi & Jack.

Anonymous said...

I can not get over the progress Asa is making. It is like he is just busting out all over, lol.

I'm so sorry to hear about Cade having strep. I had no idea that they had a shot for it. Don't forget to change out his toothbrush in a couple of days ;o)