Thursday, November 18, 2010

GI appointment

We finally had our long awaited, often cancelled GI appointment. And I fully intended on blogging about it yesterday but Asa would NOT go to bed last night! And I suppose this morning is a fine time to update too.

This appointment was with a nurse practitioner who travelled from Vandy to our local clinic. I was dreading going over Asa's history with someone new. It seems we are seeing a lot of new people lately. She had read up on him though and I didn't have to back track much. She is referring several questions to the nutritionist and is supposed to call me with those answers today. She was pleased to learn that we only have to use the tube a few times a week. Since Asa learned to drink from a straw this is how he gets most of the Pedisure! I love it!!! Why he wouldn't take a bottle or sippy cup I'll never get!

As for the poop..... Warning: graphic poopy talk, skip down a few paragraphs if that grosses you out!..... First of all she is amazed that we haven't dealt with this before. The GI system is a large group of muscles and we know Asa has muscle trouble. That's why his stomach doesn't empty and he has reflux. But his lower GI system has worked pretty well. He has had some spotty trouble but a little juice and miralax and he was back on track. Never has he gone 6 weeks with constipation.

What started out as hard, painful pooping has changed. He is now trying to hold the poop because he knows it will hurt. This is not a good thing to start! It is similar to his eating, the horrible reflux made him afraid to eat because of the pain. 3 years layer and we are still fighting against that! So we took an xray of his belly to see how full he is. She will call today with the results and a plan for a cleanout. Now doesn't that sound like a fun weekend!

We talked about lots of other stuff and I'm pleased with our plan of action. She was concerned about his "episodes" as I call them for lack of a better term. She wished she could help him not puke daily. Yea, me too! She asked if they were "behavioral". We've heard that word a lot too. I'm not sure how I feel about that! I think it is something that doctors say when they have no other ideas. You know, puts the problem back in the parents lap! And this doc wasn't saying that is the problem but I know several other kids who are having major issues and they are getting blown off by calling them behavioral issues! I think I'd have some behavioral issues all over those docs if that was me!! Keep fighting Christy!

****poop talk over****
But I do admit we cave into Asa often. Something about that ear
piercing scream! For instance, he LOVES water! So the keep him happy
at appointments I've let him play in the hand sinks. And this often
means his sitting on the counter in a diaper with his hands and feet
splashing in the running water! Yesterday I taught him howto operate a
water fountain. I figure it was a good cause and effect activity.
Don't judge me, if it was your ear drums curling up and dying you'd
stick him in the sink too!

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