Saturday, December 4, 2010

Starry Nights!

We just got home from the most fun night!! We went to look at Christmas lights!!! What, that doesn't sound thrilling to you?! Tonight we drove an hour each way to see the Starry Night Christmas display at Shelby Farms in Memphis. Does that sound like a lot of driving for a few lights?! Well it is but it was worth it!

With Asa there are alot of traditions that we just can't or won't do. We've tried the Santa photo his first 2 holidays but it didn't go well at all! But in all of the "can'ts" we seem to have stumbled onto a big "can"!

A couple of years ago I had a big plan to go look at Christmas lights. We drove through McDs to get yummy hot chocolate and set out. During this time Asa was still not in a good place. We hadn't figured out his GI issues. We didn't know his sensory issues were so deep. We didn't have good supplements. All that to say that instead of a happy, fun family night of Christmas lights, we ended up with hot chocolate that was too hot, Gracie went to sleep and poured her hot chocolate all over her and Asa screamed bloody murder from tummy pain the whole time! That's how I remember the night! So it was a shock to me when the next year the kids couldn't wait to get hot chocolate and look at Christmas lights! Seriously, they wanted to do THAT again! But we did and it was fine! It was fun! It was great!!! So our new tradition was born!

Asa loves lights! Last year we found a house near us who sets up a huge display and even has a radio station you tap into so the lights are synchronized with the music. They have Santa dressed up and encourage you to get out and wander around their wonderland. They accept donations for their church's youth mission trip. Talk about a win-win! Asa squealled and loved those lights last year. I can't wait to go back this year!

When Anna was little Shelby Farms did a huge drive thru display that we went to for 2 or 3 years. Then they cancelled it. It was brought back this year after a 10 year absence! I was excited to try our new tradition with an old experience! And it didn't disappoint! The lights were great! The music...not so much! I'm glad we had our CDs! Asa squealled and laughed! The big kids liked it too! They may have enjoyed driving thru McDs and a road trip just as much but whatever!! We had a great family night and saw some great lights!

It didn't go perfectly though! When does everything go perfectly
though! We had to stop by a Walmart because Cade had a few bucks to
his name and it was burning a hole in his pocket!! When Cade, Anna and
I got back to the van, Barry and Gracie were changing Asa's dirty
diaper! He got his pants and shirt both dirty!!! What are the chances
that his 2 a day dose of Miralax would kick in just as we start a road
trip! You really just have to laugh about it! And it was fine since
our whole trip was in the van! And the memories and laughs just keep
on coming!!!


4 hours in the van,
$20 on supper at McDs
$6 on hot chocolates
$20 for Starry Night ticket
$20 in gas
Time of laughing, singing and memories with the family.....PRICELESS!


Cheryl and Bricen said...

I agree....PRICELESS!!

Susan said...

We love Starry Nights! I'm glad that you all got to enjoy it.