Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas

It's 9:00pm on Christmas Eve. Sadly, I'm the only creature at our house who want to NOT be scurring!! Cade and Gracie ate excited and too bouncy for bed. Asa doesn't feel good and between the clinginess and meds can't/won't go to sleep. Anna is a teenager and we all remeber the days we could stay up all night and not be affected the next day! 

I, on the other hand, have been fighting midnight battles with Asa! He usually wins and I end up dozing with him in my arms in the recliner most of the night. I can get him back to sleep but if I lay him down he wakes up. I've resorted to trying to climb into the crib and camping out in his floor. I think he'll be in a big boy bed before long!!! 

If you aren't my Facebook friend you have missed the fact that Asa is sick. He stated running a low grade fever on Wednesday. He puked and I thought it must be a virus. He woke up ready to go on Thursday though so I thought it must have been his slow motility. Last night he woke up at 1am and had a terrible cough. I took him to the walk in clinic today since it'd be Sunday afternoon before I could get seen again outside of the ER. Thankfully his lungs ate clear and it is just an upper respiratory infection. He got meds so hopefully we have nipped this in the bud! 

I won't complain about a little bug. We have too many friends that are really struggling right now. Many will be celebrating Christmas in the hospital or trying desperately to stay out of the hospital! Our plans may not be going according to plans but we are together!

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior I'm thankful that God sent His only Son to this world as a sacrifice for my sins. He came as a baby, lived a perfect life, died a cruel death and rose again so that I can have a way to heaven and eternal life. That is the reason for the season! I do love seeing the joy in my kids eyes and the food and visiting with family but I celebrate becuse of the birth of my Savior!!!!   

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Anonymous said...

We want to wish each of you (Kim, Barry, Anna, Cade, Gracie, and Asa) a Merry CHRISTmas also. Because you are able to turn your focus on what God has blessed you with and you are able to intentionally be thankful, God is providing the measure of grace you need for each day! Hope you have a blessed day with all of your family! Love in Christ, Bro. David & Margaret