Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Big Day!!

Asa had feeding therapy today. Turns out it was his last feeding therapy!!! We will have a re-eval in 3 months just to be sure he is still on track. Of course if it is going amazingly we can cancel that too! I can't believe he was discharged from feeding therapy!!!

Don't get the wrong idea, he is still not your typical eater. He can self feed dry, bite size stuff. He can't use a fork or spoon. He can handle many textures and tastes. He has a good swallow. He has a very weak bite and can't even bite through a cracker. Still the lick, suck and mush technique has gotten him very far! So while we have a long way to go, we've also come a long way!!! Most of his oral issues are now sensory and fine motor issues that his OT will work on.

I'll miss Asa's speech/feeding therapist so much! She's had him since he was only a few months old and when he had the NG tube and we wanted to avoid the G tube. She has more of a mental health therapist for me than just a therapist for Asa! Wonder if she could back bill insurance for that!!!

When we saw Dr. Koenig in June, I was almost ready to give up on feeding Asa. It seemed like we were chasing our tails! We'd get him to eat some applesauce and then he'd stop eating all together. It was more than frustrating to go up and down so often. Now just 6 months later we are holding off on feeding therapy! God is truly good!!! In all of this we have remained patient (mostly) and had faith that God will do things in His own perfect time! It was just His time for Asa to eat. It may all fall apart tomorrow but tonight I sing His praises and give thanks for this milestone we get to savor!

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