Monday, December 13, 2010

A sweet milestone

I am updating from the computer. The real computer, not emailing from my phone! Our desktop played out and we got a laptop. The keyboard locked up after 4 days! Seriously, it just locked up!!! I resisted the urge to blame Barry and Anna cause they picked it out while Asa and I played in the toy store. Turns out it was likely a crazy glitch that had nothing to do with the computer or operator error! So here we go with the replacement. I guess the newness has worn off cause I haven't had to fight anyone to get on here tonight. It is much easier to blog from a real computer though I LOVE my phone!!!!

I'm blogging mainly to tell you of a huge milestone! Asa has been sooooo good today! I know that may not typically be news worthy but here it is!!!! Asa doesn't self soothe, self play or even sit without entertainment very often! He is high maintenance. I accept most of this blame but you gotta do what you gotta do when he can't sit, reach, activate toys, etc on his own. By the time he got the skills he developed a huge dependency on someone sitting beside him and entertaining him.

Today though Asa lay in the floor near the Christmas tree and played for nearly an hour and I got to take a shower without him howling for me! And this afternoon he played upstairs with Cade and Gracie for a while! Tonight he has played Lego's with Cade for nearly an hour. I know a picture can't capture the bliss of the moment so instead of interrupting them I just watched and soaked it all in!

Asa dumped the whole bucket out while Cade was building. Then Asa would pick up a couple and go "mmmmmmm" and "uhuhuhuh", which are basically his only happy sounds! He banged a couple together and then would hold them up like he'd done something amazing. He'd lean in to give Cade a head hug. He watched Cade like a hawk! And Cade just played right on! They were adorable! Just so normal. Except a normal 3 year old would have probably been chewing all over the Legos. I resisted the urge to get all therapist and teachery on Asa and turn the play time into some type of work. I didn't cheer him on. I didn't take pics or get in his face. I just sat quietly across the room watching the moment! Sometimes that all you need!

I hope this a new way Asa will choose to play. One of his IEP goals is for him to learn to play alone and with other kids! Maybe this one is kicking in already!!!

Another plus of using the real computer......spell check! You're welcome!!


Robin said...

That's awesome! I totally get how big that is! Bet Cade enjoyed it, too. Play on Asa!:)

Christina said...

Totally love it!!! Actually, I am LOVING all the positive posts lately.

Cheryl and Bricen said...

How peaceful you must have felt watching your two little men playing. It's amazing how the small things can be SO big!!! Hugs to Asa and the rest of you guys!!