Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

Christmas light tour part 2 didn't go as well as last weekend! Asa went to sleep on our way to the lights. When he woke up he was mildly impressed but soon turned into a sick, fussy boy! We aborted all other celebration plans and headed home! Asa is usually not a night owl but I'm glad we made the long trip last weekend! I'm grateful that he does make out past dark on some nights!

Saturday night, Barry and I went to a Christmas party at church....without kids! How fun! I really did have a good time and Asa had a good night at his DeeDee's house! The other kids too but they always have a good time there. Asa is just beginning to like being on the go!

Today was worship day! We had breakfast at church this morning and family Sunday School. I really like it when we do this. I love our church family and feel so loved by them! It was a good day!

Asa is still eating so good. Yesterday he ate a whole sausage ball at breakfast and one at lunch! That is a big quantity for him! He had a whole chocolate chip mini muffin today! He has been so eager to eat! We've had a couple of mornings where he isn't ready for breakfast until much later. This keeps him pretty cranky until we find something he'll eat. I hope this isn't a downward slip!

Oh and his twice a day miralax seems to be working out!!!! I've changed 4 diapers tonight! And those wonderful diapers he gets from insurance are horrible at keeping anything in!!!! I won't complain though because I know too many families with much bigger kids who can't potty train and insurance considers diapers a "convenience item"! Really, a medically fragile 10 year old who is completely dependant is denied diapers because they are a just a convenience! Crazy!!! And really I'm just glad we are finally seeing poop, even if I have to wash tons of clothes!

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