Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After

I think the true judge of Christmas is the day after. There should be no "I'm bored" but no toys discarded in the corner either! That is the day after we've had today! I'm glad it was Sunday and Barry was off work again. We've had a great long 4 days of family time. We are blessed that our families live very close so we haven't had the added hustle and bustle of travel and packing. For that I'm very thankful!!! This has been one of the most relaxed holidays ever!!

The kids each got one present that they really, really wanted......and that is it! Well they did get one little toy, pjs and an ornament. They got some fun stuff and gift cards from the rest of our family but we didn't end up with so much stuff that they couldn't play with it all. My mom gets sick when we have so much food left over after a holiday, that's how I feel about gifts. Last year we tried to spend less but get lots of stuff. I thought the kids would be disappointed if they didn't have a ton of boxes under the tree. Let's just say I put most of that stuff in a garage sale by spring! Not this year! Our tree looked pretty bare and I didn't even take a picture of it like I usually do, just in case my plan backfired! I feel so blessed that we could get them all one surprise they dreamed about. I'm proud of myself for not picking up everything I saw on the shelves!! Gracie did dream of Zhu-Zhu pets and she got one from us and one from my mom. I figure even if she tires of it next week Asa or the cat will like them!

Anna got a laptop. It is hard to surprise a teenager but I think we may have pulled it off! Maybe!! Since we have dial up she doesn't have internet in her room and that makes me happy!

Cade got a bigger 4 wheeler. Gracie got his hand-me-down one with great excitement! They have been riding several times even though it is COLD!!!

Gracie got an iPod touch. She wanted a DSi even though she has a DS and never plays it. I thought she'd be able to grow into an iPod and we won't have to worry about losing games. She loves music and has played music as much as games! I was worried she'd see a tiny iPod and not realize the money, just the size but she hasn't complained one time!!!

Asa got a little power wheels car! I was originally thinking of a recliner but then I sat him in a power wheels at Toys R Us and he loved it!! He went right for the go button!!! It has a tall parent handle and we've used it to go round and round in the house!!! We thought this might be a mini trial for a power chair. Turns out Asa likes to run over stuff so a power chair may be far off!! He did love the freedom though!

See, they all got one big, amazing gift and are VERY happy!!! I love it! I just hope they realize this may not happen every year!!!

I'm ready to enjoy this next week! The kids are out of school, we have no appointments and nowhere to be! We will have to spend one day giving everyone a chance to spend those giftcards! Gracie is talking about getting new bedding for her bed! We reorganized the upstairs room today and tomorrow will be Asa's room! I think I have a plan for Asa's bed situation that doesn't involve buying anything new!

Asa and I are both feeling better! He slept all night the last 2 nights! And yes, I realize I just shot myself in the foot by saying that! I spent all day Christmas sneezing my head off and feeling like I'd been hit by a truck! Today my head was sooo stopped up but after alot of meds I finally feel "normal" again! I think Asa's meds made him a mellow fellow yesterday! He handled way more stimulation that I thought he'd be able to! I wish I knew what it was so I could ask for more!!! Then again maybe it wasn't the meds at all but my Christmas prayers being answered!!!


Clara-Leigh said...

I am so happy that your Christmas was so nice!!!! Way to go!!!! God is good!!
Thank you for the response to my blog today!!! It helps so much to hear from others who understand.
I can so relate to your feelings about having one adult and one kid always missing. It's like we are a divorced family or something...sharing time together but in fragments. Several times people have asked where Garrett is and I will say,"With his Daddy, I mean my husband. I mean his father who is my husband. I mean my husband who is also Garrett AND my girls' father." COMPLICATED yet so simple!!! Restaurant situations have inproved as of late. Car riding worse. Inside behavior worse. Outdoor play better. Eating worse. Pooping better.
What a mixed bag of tricks we have!!
Thank you again for sharing!!!
Great big hug to you and Barry and Asa. We will be in Houston to see Dr. K Jan. 25. Any chance you will be there??

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop in and wish you all a Happy New Year! I have trouble leaving messages on the blog but am giving it another try! Even though I havent been around in a while, little Asa has been in my prayers!

Hannah Clark