Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shopping day!

Boy, what a day!!! Asa got up this morning and was so......something! He was more vocal, grunting and squeaking. A lot! He was also kicking and bouncy and just energetic. It was all very unusual and exciting!! In town today he fussed until I let him walk in Target! He went 2 rows. Then while we were checking out in Walmart Anna walked him again. He drank 2 little cups of tea and ate several bites of hamburger at lunch.  

As good as the good was the bad was about as bad! The walking at Target did him in and he started freaking out. I guess he was tired and then went into sensory overload. He insisted on being held and started the sweating and gagging stuff. We took a break and got an Icee and pretzel in the cafe. The kids sat down while I ordered. They sat right next to the drink machine....with ice!!!! Everytime someone got a drink Asa lost it. The Starbucks blender set him off. Poor guy was sooooo jumpy! He startled so bad once that he knocked my cookie off the table!  He also screamed most of the way home and didn't stop once we got home. I finally laid down with him and he went right to sleep. I wish he had a way to tell us what he needs. The meltdowns and trantrums are no fun! He had a minor screaming fit at McDs too that got a few looks but at that point I just figured people could sit somewhere else, we were there first!

The sad part is that this day was a special shopping trip for the big kids. They all got giftcards for Christmas and had waited patiently to go shopping. I had put them off until today so the weather would be better for Asa. And the big guys were great. They took turns shopping and didn't argue (too much!). We even went to 4 different stores looking for clothes Anna wanted! All of the fussing with Asa made me short with them though. I tried to be patient and distract Asa but that only works so long. I guess all in all they had a good day and most everybody got what they wanted.....Anna still didn't get any clothes! 

I shouldn't be complaining though! A few months ago I would have never tried a day of shopping with all 4 of them. And Asa would have had a feeding pump not eating burgers. And we a several little friends who are inpatient right now with concerning issues and no clear answers. At least my family was all together, even if it wasn't as easy I'd like. We are blessed!! 


Clara-Leigh said...

Kim, we battle the same all be together as a family doing things or not. Today Addie and Ainslee got to go the local outlet mall near Oscar's parents' home here in Louisiana, and Oscar was a SAINT by dropping off us three girls, then taking Garrett across to a huge Cabelas outdoorsy store to see the fish, push a shopping cart and such. SO we got to shop and Garrett was entertained. I have found that when Garrett can push a shopping cart he is pretty happy, so that helps some days. But the car rides....sounds like Asa for your ride home most of the time.
I, like you, am so thankful things are as good as they are even when they seem bad to me!!!!
Happy new year and hugs!!
P.S. Oscar took Addie shopping the first round and she got nothing because we didn't have the coupon that made Justice store marginally reasonable!! So today was round two. Poor Anna!!

Clarissa said...

saying a prayer for you all! may 2011 bring you many blessings!