Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here's some videos of Asa playing the piano. He loooooves the piano! I made a long one but it wouldn't upload and who really wants to watch him tap on the piano for 5+ minutes!

Asa's school is going pretty good! He is happy when I leave him and yesterday he was happy when I picked him up. Then I spoke!!! He burst into tears, screaming! He cried so hard that he made himself sick. Why would he cry when I pick him up? Does he forget to miss me until he sees me? I wasn't expecting that!

We had a happy moment today! You know how he loves bananas. Holding bananas that is! And eating a little if I pinch it off. Well, today after school Asa was sitting at the table while the big kids did homework. He was fussy and grumpy. I handed him an opened banana. I'm not sure what I was thinking. We can never just hand him food and him eat. Food involves therapy! But not today!! He ate half that banana while I was doing dishes and Cade and Gracie were doing homework! CRAZY good!!! 

Yep I know bananas won't help his poop issues but what do you do?! 


Cheryl and Bricen said...

Him playing the piano is the cutest thing!!!!

Eating half a banana....way to go Asa.

Anonymous said...

Love the piano practice! Great for a little guy with low muscle tone...seeing him balanced on the piano bench, and turning the pages in the music book showed mile-stones in my book! Way to go, Asa. Let us know when your first recital is!!! Love, Mrs. Margaret