Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hair raising day

We have had the best day. Well, I have had the best day!

Barry stayed home with Asa and I took the big kids to a Jubilee Celebration at the church next door. There were 6 churches involved, 3 white and 3 blacks. I know many races worship together and I doubt many here would have trouble with that but we are small, country churches and that has just been how it is always been done. We've met and had joint services several times but this was a big blow out!!!

There was bouncy houses, food, a car show, health screenings, visiting, singing and worshiping God! I needed this so badly! We've had a busy, busy few weeks and to have a day to visit, eat, play and worship with everybody was just what I needed! All the music and the preaching was great. Everyone was singing, clapping, was great!

Barry was thinking of bringing Asa but when we could hear the music from our house, a 1/4 mile away, we thought he probably wouldn't like it!!! And it was loud but the weather was perfect! Barry took Asa outside here but the wind got him and he got sick. Oh, well!

We did go back out this evening and Asa rode in his little power wheel til the battery ran out! I took him on the trampoline for the first time! He liked it! Then he loved it!! LOL! He could make very little movement and get all bouncy. He scooted all over. Then he touched me and shocked me! I was worried this might scare him but NOPE, he laughed and poked at me again!! The wind was still strong but he was busy so he didn't get sick. He did get DIRTY though!!! His bath water was black!

I think we will all sleep well tonight!


Sarah said...

What silly photos. Gatherings like this are so wonderful to be a part of!

Heidi said...

He-HE, LOVE this pic! What a great backdrop for pictures! I first thought this was a professional shot :)
Heidi & Jack.

Kim and Asa said...

Heidi, I WISH I had the photography skills you have!!! Truth is I hardly have the point n shoot ready, I'd really be in trouble with a good camera!! Thanks though!! It is hard to capture Asa's moments! He turns them on and off like a switch.

As for the school thing on the last post....I don't understand why Jack doesn't get more! I guess he falls into that huge gray group that does OK but not good! That must be so frustrating!!! So far everything has been good for Asa, of course he hasn't actually started, it is just on paper! But I'm not nervous like before!

Hugs to your sweet boys and girl!!! Love ya!!