Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy week!

We have had a busy week and I've had no way to blog! Talk about withdrawls!! And now my computer is full and won't let me add new pics! The horror! Something to deal with later, I'll just update now and pics later.......hopefully!

On Tuesday my mom and I took the kids to Nashville.......all by ourselves! The kids weren't sure we could do it alone!!?! We made it and had a great time! We usually go for a long weekend in the summer but the resort got flooded in the May flood. So we planned for fall break and it was perfect. The weather was just right!

On Wednesday we went ice skating. In January there was a mito meeting and we were gonna go ice skating after the meeting to celebrate Anna's birthday. Well, there was a snow storm that weekend and we didn't get to go. One busy weekend led to another and we haven't been. Sooooo, now they could go ice skating! Cade wore out pretty quickly, he got huge blisters. Gracie made Anna fall hard and Anna was pretty much done. Gracie fell a million times but she said "I did good. I only fell like 5 or 6 times"!! I was great!! I even learned to turn and go backwards while still skating! I know, I know!!! Hold your applause though! Gracie and I were going to go around 1 last time before we left and that is when I fell!!! OUCH!!! My palms, knee and hip are still sore and bruised!!! On and I got a nice blister on my heel that bothered me so much I couldn't wear my tennis shoes to the mall or the zoo! Oh, well, we had a blast and the kids got their fill!!

After ice skating we went to Jake's House, the Life is Good shop. I didn't know we had one nearby!! I got me a shirt and Asa a new one. There is something about having that positive reminder on the real tough days!

On Thursday we hit the mall!!! We always go to Opry Mills but it was flooded and hasn't reopened! So we headed south to Franklin. We shopped till we dropped and then we shopped some more! I'm not sure that we bought too much though. I got Asa some cute shirts, which I have pics of but can't load! Cade has saved his yard mowing money all summer and we itching to spend it! He actually said, "this money is burning a hole in my pocket, hurry up!". Now were would he have heard that!!! He spent his money and was happy!

On Friday we went to the zoo. Now I should have planned better and not gone to the zoo on a Friday! It wasn't bad but I'm sure it'd been less crowded on Wednesday or Thursday. Two very loud and excited monkeys greeted us as we entered but the rest of the animals were asleep!!! Gracie got mad cause we wouldn't buy her Dippin Dots, even though the stand was clearly not open! Cade's feet hurt and with the animals asleep it was kinda boring. Although the zoo was so amazing, but clearly not exciting enough for them! We were set to leave but then Cade and Gracie went on the playground! That alone was worth the money!!! It was so fun even Anna and I joined in!!! Asa got jealous and went in for a little while. Mostly with me holding him and him pointing to where he wanted to go! That lasted way too long if you ask my shoulder!

After the zoo we went back to the resort and the kids swam! Sure there is an indoor pool but what fun would that be?!! They got in the outdoor pool for several minutes and I got knee deep into the kiddie pool with Asa. The kiddie pool was nice but the big pool was cool. We headed inside where Asa and Gracie played some more. Those 2 even came back to the room and got into the jacuzzi tub in the room!!

This had to have been the most relaxed vacation for me ever! We had no set in stone activities. Our rooms were big enough for 8 people and we only had 6 in them. We all had our own room and our own space. The kids watched enough Disney to last them until next year and Anna had her own "apartment". My mom did all the cooking for us! I'm telling you it was the best!!! I'm spoiled now!!

Asa's birthday was on Thursday. We really didn't celebrate with anything special. We did have a little party today though. I say little cause can you imagine Asa in a room full of people with balloons, streamers, hats, noise makers?! Ha!! I almost bought a pinata for the big kids but thought he might freak out at the hitting and excitement. He had a good time today though.

I've stuggled to get him a birthday cake he might actually try. The first year it was cupcakes. Last year it was a cake I made. This year it was mini lemon icebox pies! And he ate it!!!! I have cute pics but you know.....


Cheryl and Bricen said...

Sounds like the right kind of vacation. You know, the kind where you don't have to come home to rest!!!
Glad you guys had fun and Asa ate his birthday "cake"!!!

Alison said...

That sounds like a wonderful little getaway! I would have had fun too!

Anonymous said...

I had fun just reading your post, lol. Wish Asa a belated Happy Birthday for me ;o)