Monday, October 25, 2010

Second verse, same as the first?

Asa starts his second week of school tomorrow! I'm hoping drop off gets even better. I don't want to hover but I also don't want to dump a puker on them and run! Not yet anyway!

Asa is struggling a bit. He has been soooo constipated. It is awful! The week we were on fall break is the last time that he was able to go without the tears, red face and hard poop! We've added miralax every single morning. We've added extra water. We've stopped apple juice and added white grape juice.

Of course if he is full of poop, he isn't eating as well and certainly isn't digesting well. Lots of puking!

And if that is TMI for you then you shouldn't read this next part!

Asa had a Dum Dum sucker while the big kids did homework. He also did a marble size poop. Since he was all sticky and dirty, I stuck him in the tub (kitchen sink) while I started boiling chicken for supper. I washed him and let him splash and play. Anna was unloading the dishwasher and let him (yes I blame her!) pull Cade's bowl of leftover cheerios into his tub! He was a little freaked out about the white tub water and floating things! I was trying to get the rest of the chicken taken care of and figured another second wouldn't hurt. WRONG!!! Then he started trying to poop!!!!

Can you picture it? Me with slimey chicken hands, Anna not about to touch the gross water or baby and Asa sitting in a sink of watered down cheerios and poop! Thankfully I was laughing not yelling! I got Asa out and was dealing with him puking when Barry came in! Bless his heart!!! He did the clean up!! Again, bless his heart!!!

Unfortunately that still wasn't enough poop and Asa is still trying to go! We have a GI appt on November 17 and that can't come soon enough! I feel like going back to the pump for pedisure feedings and letting him eat orally and drink the juice. Don't kill me Jill!

He is trying some new foods. We always let him hold our French fries but he never puts them in his mouth, just holds it. This weekend he started putting them in his mouth and fussing for more!! Today Anna was eating a dorito chip and he started fussing. She gave him one and after a while he put it in his mouth!! She even showed him how to lick his fingers!! We joked Sunday about the steps we take to get him to try a new food. He touches it, holds it, smells it, kisses it (lets it touch his mouth), lickes it and if we are good, he eats it!!! For nearly each bite!! You see the need for the feeding tube?! He is
trying much more so I guess we are doing something right. Just keep on
keeping on, I guess!

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Sarah said...

ugh! poop and puke... two of the MOST COMMON symptoms/worries of children with special needs. Only moms like you can truly read and understand why we seem to incredibly obsessed with what goes in and how it comes out of our children's bodies :) so sorry he is struggling with his motility lately :(

Q is actually puttin on lots of weight with her new formula, but unfortunately, this comes at a high price of pain for right now with serious bloating and lots of pain. BUT, she is finally getting some really good nutrition. It's a price we pay for right now to keep her strong enough for her surgery.

anyway,Asa is an amazingly cute little boy