Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall break and Birthday pics---finally!

Ok, this took a while but see if I've got it now!

Fall Break 2010
Nashville TN

Asa and his Dee Dee

Asa loved the balcony. He had Dee Dee trained. He'd reach up for her and when she picked him up, he'd point outside!

Look at him stand! He even shuffled around a tiny bit.

We went ice skating!

And swimming.....outside, inside and in the hot tub!

We went to the zoo!
Asa had gotten sick here. I kept him from totally losing it by moving to a quieter space and letting him play with the leaves.
He really LOVES the leaves and grass. I'm not sure he even knew there was animals around!

And shopping!

This is the shirt I bought Asa for his birthday! I should have gotten one in each size!

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

This is our present to Asa. He really liked sliding outside so I got him something he can use inside. We are also hanging a swing in his room, and by "we" I mean "Barry"!
Of course he really liked the BOX!
Ready for presents

He loved his cards and especially the money! He kept smelling it!

I didn't want to go with a cake just for the sake of having a birthday cake. I wanted something he'd might actually eat! I made mini lemon ice box pies. He ate it all, except the crust!
I know he looks thrilled doesn't he?!


Laura said...

Asa is sooooo cute! I wish we lived closer because I know Asa and Ethan would be great buddies :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that Asa is *THREE* already.... He has gotten so big.... I love all the photos. It looks like everyone had a good time.

Alison said...

Such great photos!!