Saturday, October 23, 2010

Strikes for Tikes

The Kiwanis Therapy and Learning Center has a benefit each year called "Strikes for Tikes". It is held at a local bowling center. You form a bowling team and raise money that benefits the center. I thought the teams had to be businesses with large donations so we never had our own team. Until this year!!!

Team Asa consisted of me, Barry, my longest time friend Christina and her hubby, Eric! Cade ended up bowling for me and Eric was a fill in for my mom. Cade came in second and Barry came in last! I wish I could have seen that!

Turns out a bowling alley is incredibly loud and stimulating! I had to take Asa out and keep him calm for the most of the bowling time! He may have handled it better but the sound system had some issues and let out 2 sudden, loud screeches early on. I'm thrilled to say that while Asa wasn't happy, he didn't get sick at the overstimulation!!!

After bowling we all had lunch, played laser tag, played putt putt and enjoyed several arcade games! All for free, other than our team donation! I even won a door prize for having a Dum Dum sucker on hand.

We had the best family day!!! The kids had fun and I didn't feel nickeled and dimed to death since the money went to a good cause. We got to see and hang out with lots of friends! I can't wait until next year!

After the bowling fun, we headed to a family hayride and party. Asa even rode the hayride and had fun. He'd laugh out loud when the trailer would bottom out and scrape the path. We had pushed him enough so when he started to fuss we headed home! There was even a trick or treat circle where we all sat in a circle and the kids came around asking for candy. It was so cute! Cade and Gracie came home with big bags of candy! I can proudly say that they both had treats picked out for Barry, Asa, Anna and myself! That is very generous for Cade since he has such a huge sweet tooth!

We had a great, nearly normal day and it went nearly perfectly! I go to bed thankful and grateful for our many blessings. I also go to bed with a heavy heart for another one of our mito friends.

Please remember Cooper Knight and his parents, 3 siblings and family tonight. Cooper had an intestinal transplant many months ago. He had just returned home to Houston and after a short, healthy stay at home, he is back in the hospital and very, very sick. Please pray for Cooper to fight off this nasty infection but also for his parents as they struggle with making some difficult decisions. Mito is a horrible

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