Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Waiting on........poop :-(

Asa has been an eating machine today! He took a banana into feeding therapy with him this morning. He had it, some peanut butter, some baby food pears and some white grape juice! He's also had a cup of Pedisure with Miralax. And a cup of Pedisure with fiber. For supper he had some black beans and a cup of water. Seriously, this boy should be pooping by now!!!

Asa's transition at school went much smoother today! We went in and he pointed at the flag (he loves flags!!), pointed around the room and then got still and stared at the TV in the room. It took a second for me to realize why he was soooo fascinated.....my soap opera was coming on!!! At noon I get lunch and sit down to watch "All My Children". They had been watching the weather in the classroom and the soap was coming on as we came in the room! How funny! A couple of commercials and a few shows (Wheel of Fourtune!) really get his attention but he has no interest in cartoons!

I'm not sure the rest of the day went as smooth! When I went back at 3 I saw that they had him outside . By the time I got in the driveway, they were meeting me in the parking lot!! They said he was getting fussy around 2 and by 2:55 he was over it and ready to go home!!! This
is him on the way home! Love it!!


I enjoyed my few free hours! I loved popping in and out of stores without spending 10 minutes getting out of the van! I even got to take a potty break, something I rarely do when I have Asa alone! I know, TMI but I guess I'm in a sharing mood! Lol!!

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Sarah said...

he he! i totally understand what you mean about taking 10 minutes to get out of the car! Its the same way for us too so when Q is in school, i spend time going grocery shopping or just doing some random errands or stuff around the house without having to worry too much about what the kiddo is doing or pulling her in and out of hte car.

He looks so exhausted. how crazy how school tires them so easily.

I hope he starts pooping soon.