Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another week down

Sometimes I just find myself wishing the days away! Looking forward to the weekend or the next event or the next holiday! It seems like there is little to celebrate these days and most days i'm just counting down the hours until bedtime! I know I'm not alone in that feeling!!

Asa is still weak. He won't let us help him take steps. He stops, whines and turns around to be picked up. Even in PT with the gait trainer, he was leaning on the supports more than being upright. We tried the moblie stander again but he only moved it a tiny bit. His posture was horrible!!

The odd and sad thing about this is that his mind still wants to do all the things he was doing!! This creates some, uh, frustrations!!! He wants to be all over but his body won't let him. This leads him to scream and screech until someone does what he wants. But it is not easy to tell what he wants! Mostly he wants to be moving. That is kinda hard on my body! Wonder if I can find a wrap that will hold a noddlely 30 pounder!!

The weather was wonderful here today. This evening we took Asa out for a while! He rode in his little power wheel car that his OT loaned us a while back! Asa was really into it today! At one point he was close to a tree and I thought he was going to get stuck. Turns out he drove TO the tree! He reached out to the tree trunck and the leaves! He drove until the batteries ran out!!!

On the eating front Asa is not eating early. It usually takes him several hours before he'll eat. He spends those hours completely cranky!! He did have waffle this week. And he tried diced pears one day! Oh and donuts! So some new things. He has also been getting sick every night again. I thought the Reglan had taken care of that business!

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Cheryl and Bricen said...

I hate reading Asa's tone is "off". I totally understand the frustration our little one feel when they know they should be able to move, but their bodies won't allow it. Huge hugs to you and Asa!!!!!