Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some pics

Oh so many things are going through my wee little mind but I'll spare you and give you mostly pics tonight. I will say that the next few weeks are gonna be jam packed and I'd be grateful for any prayers for my sanity that you can offer up.

On Monday, Sept. 20 I'll have Asa's IEP meeting. I'm sure this will be fine but my hands get all sweaty just typing these words. There is so much to cover and I'm having a hard time staying focused and retaining information these days! Ok, I've BEEN having trouble focusing and retaining info! lol

On Tuesday, Sept 21, we are having a mito awareness night at Chick-fil-A (on Vann Drive) for you local folks. This seems to be easier than the Maggie Moo's event last year but again, it requires planning and forethought....hard to come by here. We will be selling t-shirts that night also!

On Saturday, Sept. 25, we are having our semi-annual rummage sale. People have been so kind and generous to donate their Goodwill stuff so that we can add it to our yard sale collection. If anyone local has anything they'd be taking off to donate, we'd sure appreciate it if you donated it to Asa instead. We'll come pick it up and everything!

Ok that was a lot more blah, blah, blah than I intended!!! Pics already! Oh, I should say though that I imagine myself a decent photographer but turns out I'm not! I have a decent point and shot camera but I lack lighting skills, setting skills, prop, editing, creativity and well, everything else! So my cell phone has been my go to. I know sad but true. I'm sure there is a support group for people who document the most special of life's moments on a cell phone camera!!! Ok, ok, pics......

Sunday, Labor Day weekend. We had Sunday lunch with my mom, per the original agreement we set we our family only had 2 little ones (we now have 8)! I'm sure she wants to renegotiate the terms but I'm not having any of it!!

Anywhoooo, after being a total noodle for a good week or more, Asa completely rebounded and had a blast! Here are the pics of him eating my ice cream cone that I talked about in the last post. So cute!!! You do realize more got on his shirt than in his mouth, right!

And him in his little Power Wheels that his OT let him borrow. I've been looking for deals on something similar for him birthday.

And I've shared before how he loves bananas. Not really the eating of a banana but just holding one and scooting around with one. At feeding therapy on Tuesday he did eat some of one. This isn't new but what was new is that he opened right up for it. He usually resists our first attempt at most anything. I usually "help" him with a bite or two first. Not the banana on Tuesday. So of course I bought some more at the grocery store that day.

And today for breakfast Asa had some oatmeal and then his banana. He didn't even hesitate. He opened right up again. And then he wanted to hold the banana. Now you may not realize that with his low tone comes low oral tone. He doesn't bite. He doesn't really chew. Mostly stuff is pureed or it melts. But he started self feeding the banana. First with licks and then even a few bites. And the fact that he wanted to touch and hold the banana is progress enough! Of course I had my phone nearby so you get some pics! YAY!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of him on the Power Wheels. He looks like a little speed demon, lol. Congrats to you and him with the banana. I know that is a big step for him. Alizah still doesn't like eating them because of the texture. I will keep you in my thoughts the next few weeks and will be sending you what sanity vibes I can ;o)

Debbie said...

he looks like he is doing amazing!

That is awesome how he is eating...
huge steps I am sure!

Cheryl and Bricen said...

He looks so happy and proud of himself in all the pixs....what a little cutie!!!!!