Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh, what a day!!

I've had a whole other post rolling around in my head. A post about grow up and time passing and school starting. It was gonna be great!! Trust me, you should check back in for it! But the events from today trumped all that deep thinking!

Asa had a hard time going to bed last night. Then he woke up at 5am! He wasn't too I'll though so at least I could go on with my routine. He drank his Pedisure easily too. I was having an easy day!

We went to feeding therapy. Asa did ok. He actually took a spoon of oatmeal to his mouth while we were talking. He didn't eat it but it touched his lips. I'm impressed! Jill just had to remind me that Asa only has 3 more therapies with them! 3!!! I had not counted them! And the last week we have plans for a fall break trip and won't be there! So sad!!

While Asa was having OT I ran an errand to talk to a group that is starting a HBOT clinic in Jackson. HBOT is hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy. Some people are using this to treat things like CP, autism, mito and other developmental delays. There is controversy because it is hard to measure improvements and there is no standard amounts. It is kinda new territory but I do believe great things can come from it. I've seen video and blogs of too many kids to just discount it altogether! The problem is that it is expensive to try. I was only aware of big clinics in other states. I almost ran off the road when I saw the sign for this clinic last week! Researching this will occupy my time after Asa starts school!

Now the fun begins!!

I drove thru and got lunch for me then Asa and I had a picnic in the car. I was sitting in the back with him and the van was running with the AC on high. Asa drank his Pedisure and I ate. He started getting crabby and sweaty. I just thought he was tired from his early wake up and the fussing got him sweaty. Plus heveanted my cup of sweet tea. Not just the tea cause I put some in his cup! Finally the screech got to me and I gave him the huge cup. Then we went to Walmart!

As I got him out of the van I realized he was gaggy and droolly. Thankfully I grabbed a cup and burp cloth! When we got inside heveas completely drenched in sweat. He wouldn't lay back and go to sleep but instead he dozed sitting up. He gagged several times and I was ready. I was cooling him and begging him to fight off the puke. I have to say, I thought I was doing pretty good. Heck, he was asleep and hadn't puked, I was all out sure he beat it!

Now Anna says I can strike up a conversation with a tree. And when I saw a lady wearing a Special Needs Baseball Association tshirt I just couldn't help myself. We talked about delays and diagnosises. We talked school and therapy. I was enjoying my little visit. Then Asa woke up and projectile vomitted into the other lady's buggy!! Yep, just that quick! He just woke up and there it went! Thankfully he didn't hit anything in the bug and only hit the empty end. Still I'm sure they switched buggies! And I hope Walmart got the right aisle as I was dashing to the bathroom to clean us both up. I managed to get most of the rest into the cup but we had a mess!

After that Asa was better but not happy. I came across another lady who had a little girl in an umbrella style type SN chair. Of course I couldn't let that conversation go!! And Asa was empty, right. I still didn't get him near them though. So I had another nice conversation! Anna will be so proud!!!

After the shopping and paying and loading and getting in the car, I realized what had happened with Asa. The fan was set on defrost so no cool air was coming through his back vents. He overheated!! And it wasn't overly hot. I was very comfortable while we ate. That just shows you how easily it can happen!

He did go to sleep as we drove to school pick up but woke up while we still waited. And he was ill!!! I tried everything short of getting him out and he just screamed! Oh and slapped his legs. That's his new way of showing frustrations. He just slaps whatever is nearby. Buckled in the carseat all he could hit was himself. When Cade got in the car, he commented how red Asa's legs were. We got home and I think he may have bruised his left leg! That's gonna look great!

I spent an hour calming him after we got home. Now he is upstairs playing with Cade and Gracie. He pointed to go up there. This is a new and helpful skill! Makes it much easier to figure out what he wants. Oh and in the midst of his fit at home, he started signing "Moma". We've been working on this but I'm a little offended that he used it in anger! Oh well!

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