Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super busy weekend!!!

This weekend has been jam packed and my head is still spinning!

We started out Saturday morning with a benefit run in Jackson. It was the Racing So They Can Ride benefiting the hippotherapy program. Asa doesn't use hippotherapy but I've heard nothing but good things about it and it whole program is paid for by scholarships. This is welcome news to any parents ears!! I hope one day Asa will try this out. I filled out the paperwork this spring but never sent it in. With his sensory issues and fear of animals, I just wasn't sure this was the right time for him to try it. Maybe next spring!

This race is in memory of a special little boy who also had mito. To have 2 kids in the county diagnosed is amazing to me. Unfortunately I never got to meet Caleb. He passed away in July '08 and Asa wasn't diagnosed until November '08. Caleb's parents have been so open and supportive of us and I this was the first "event" that our family did as a Team Asa.

Team Asa 2010-Christina (my longtime friend), Jakob (nephew), Kayla (Anna's BFF), Rayn (nephew), Anna, Barry, my Moma, Cade, Asa, Gracie.....I had the camera!

This year I decided I was gonna try to run the 1 mile event! They also offer a 5K run and a 15 mile bike ride!!! Believe me the 1 mile was a lofty goal for me!! I've been "training" on the treadmill for a few weeks but outside is so different. Turns out that I did make it the whole mile!!! Woooo Hoooo. Cade and my nephew Jakob can in 1st. I wasn't in the front but I did run it all!! My super amazing friend Christina was running too and that is the only reason I was able to make it! I kept thinking she'd want to take a break but nope, she just kept on going so I did too! Thanks Christina!!! Next up, the Mito What? 5K in Millington in March 2011!!!

After the race we had to run a few errands. Nothing like walking around Walmart on noodle legs!

We got home after lunch. Asa got pukey. Gracie and Cade went to my 3 nephews soccer games. Anna and her friend wanted me to take them to the fair. I should also point out that it was 95 degrees that afternoon!! For some crazy reason I agreed and I loaded Asa back up and off we went.

The big kids had a great time at the fair and Asa and I enjoyed the (indoor!!) 4H building. There was lots of displays and even a little pageant going on. I tried to get Asa to check out the ladies but he wouldn't listen! I did meet a special ed teacher who I loved chatting with. At first I was a little taken back when she started asking questions. Many times people seem surprised if I tell them his cool stroller is really a wheelchair or that his has issues. I was kinda surprised she recognized him as a special needs kid. Once I found out she was a teacher it all made more sense. I am noticing that we get more looks these days though. I'm sure that will happen more and more often as he gets older.

Seriously after the run, walking around while running errands, walking at the fair, all I wanted to do was crash last night!! I was in bed by 9:30pm! And it wasn't easy to get up at 6 this morning for church!

But we did get up and get going and had a great day in the Lord's house! I'm always so thankful for my church family. There are times when we can't go because someone is sick but thankfully Barry and I can switch out so neither of us misses too much. Many Sundays Asa is just a pill! He is difficult to get up and then he won't eat or he eats and gets sick. Seriously the devil will work if we let him!! Sometimes we do throw our hands up and Barry will stay home when it just gets too difficult. Still neither of us likes to miss too many Sundays!

After church we had lunch at my moms, as usual! The lady is a saint for cooking for all of us!!! Asa, in true form, got sick! After lunch Asa stayed with Barry and I went to get materials for a presentation board for the mito night at Chick-fil-A on Tuesday. Turns out the store no longer carries any of the stuff I had in mind! That's OK, I can work on it tomorrow night! You know, right before the event! I hate feeling behind!!

I also picked up some yard sale stuff from an awesome Facebook friend! Seriously, what did we do before FB?! Oh, yeah, laundry, dishes, cook and clean! Anyway, that brings me to the fact that I'm seriously behind on my yard sale prep. Well, not really behind but I don't see an opening to get it ready this week! I'm sure I'll think of something, maybe less FB!!! Oh, who am I kidding, no I won't!

Tomorrow is Asa's very first IEP. The meeting where we plan out the rest of his life, I mean his new school year! Again, I feel like I'm forgetting stuff. Will I make important points or will I only remember the silly stuff? Of course I'll take notes in with me. The same notes that I should be gathering right now instead of blogging.

Say a prayer for me in the morning!

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Anonymous said... are my hero! I just don't know how you and Barry get it all done! I'm so proud of ya'll doing so well with the run/walk. Maybe if I can get my health straightened out I can participate in the one in March.

Take care ;o)