Friday, September 17, 2010

Asa the movie star

Asa PT asked if Asa could be a subject for a video she was making. She is putting together a presentation of ways to trigger kids into proper posture even if you aren't working on PT. My understanding is that if you are a classroom teacher and you see a child in poor posture with a stacked neck and curled in shoulders, there are little touches you can do to get him back into good posture. I find this whole idea very helpful as a parent too. I don't know much about physical therapy but I do know of several touches that triggers better posture. So naturally I agreed that Asa could play!

Today was show day and I'd actually forgotten about it! His hair was messy and his shirt was huge! He was very busy though so that was good footage. Too bad he showed all of his bad postures!! Hehehe! I'm teasing he did really well! He gave several great examples of poor posture and with just a stroke he would be alerted and get tall again. It really is an amazing thing!

One funny though, we took his shirt off so you could really tell how low his tone is and how slouchy he was being. At one point he was sitting down and his belly was all pooched out......with a feeding tube! Lol!!! He had a gut with a spare tube! In reality he had sucked down a juice box was pretty bloated! I wish I had a picture of that!!!

We'll be videoing again next week too! Asa is such a camera hog!!

Oh and I'm sorry about going on and on last post! I didn't even realize how long I rambled! I got several really great FB messages though. I guess I've got some pretty awesome people supporting me! Thanks, love y'all!!!

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