Sunday, September 5, 2010

Well, shut my mouth!

Asa has done it again! He has proved his Moma a liar! But I couldn't be happier about it!!

I have had plans all week this past week. We've had revival at church. I've had errands to run. We planned to go camping. And Asa ruined all of these plans! When he is in tip top shape, he is at least double the work of a typical kid! When he not up to par...well, I want to put my head in the sand and never leave the house!! That is how this morning started out!

Barry stayed home from church with Asa. It just became too much to fight with him and get him ready! Since it is a holiday weekend, there were many different activities going on. We tried to camp on Friday but it didn't work out. For today I made no plans! I had hopes but I really thought we'd eat lunch at my moms and then end ip back home while everyone else got to have a ton of fun. The weather was perfect for Asa though so he had an amazing day outside!!

He rode around in his little car. He enjoyed his swing outside. He used the gait trainer outside (although not much). AND......for the first time ever, he went down a slide!!! I know this sounds so boring but it was great! He LOVED it!! I started out with Gracie holding him but that wasn't a good plan. Then I held his hands as he went down. Still he wanted more freedom! Soooo I started sitting him on the slide and letting him go down alone! He loved it!!! I could barely get him sitting down before he was trying to scoot down again!!

I made him take a couple of breaks. One time Barry gave him a lick of his ice cream. Asa started signing "more" with no prompting!! Lol! I got one to share with him and he quickly just took it from me and called it his own! He got so sticky!

He was even feeling good enough that we went down to the creek where everyone was going camping. We did get to enjoy the campfire and some hot dogs!! I wish we could have stayed longer!

Asa got sick and we came home after he zonked out. He did great though!! He did endure the sounds of a four wheeler, golf cart, go cart and a dirt bike! Not to mention the sound of 7 other kids playing!! It was a fun Sunday!!!

So maybe Asa has been bored around here with just me! Maybe he needs more activity. I'm pretty sure I don't have the energy to ay like we did today, everyday!!!!


Susan Bishop said...

I am so glad that he proved you wrong. Maybe he is bored since all the others went back to school. Who knows? Maybe he's just glad that it has cooled off like all the rest of us ;o) Whatever it is/was I'm glad that he's more himself.


Cheryl and Bricen said...

Going down the slide and eating ice cream, well both just bring a huge smile to my face!!!!!

Alison said...

Kim, thanks for coming on over to Andrew's blog.......and, yes, of course you may share : )