Monday, September 20, 2010

IEP day!!

Today was Asa's IEP. In IEP is an Individualized Education Plan. Asa has to enter the school system when he turns 3 so he can get therapy. And he can just fall right into a regular classroom, especially at 3 years old! So I met with school officials, the teacher, the nurse, the OT, 2 speech therapists and Asa's EI teacher and coordinator, who we have to leave! :-( There were a dozen or more of us in there working on a plan for Asa!!

And I think it went really well! We had done evals recently and the teacher had obviously done her homework to get to know him. On paper at least. The teacher called one Sunday and we talked a while about things shed need to know about Asa and things I'd like for Asa. I have to say that for a group who'd never worked with Asa, they sure seem to understand him!!! The OT he'll have was his OT when he first started OT at 6 months or so. The SLP worked with his current SLP until recently and they are friends. So in a way maybe some of these ladies do know him.

Today though they met the real Asa!! Not one on paper but the little guy who bottom scoots around a room. The boy who wanted the flag down and a couple of people made it happen! The sweetie who grabbed everybody's ear that picked him up! They saw how he likes to scribble on paper like he's a grown up and how he fusses and grunts when he doesn't get to play on the computer!

I really can't complain about the way things went! It was alot of info to take in but my brain actually kept up! I know y'all must have been praying for that! There was plenty of give and take. Everyone seemed interested in my ideas and had tons of great ideas they shared with me!

Asa will start on October 19. He'll go 2 days a week for a while. We'll gradually add more days until he goes 5 days a week. Afternoons only though! He'll wear a uniform like the big kids. He'll have 30 minutes of PT, 30 mins of OT and 2 30 min speech sessions a week.

I'm really excited and I think Asa will like it too!

Tomorrow we are having am awareness night event at a local Chick-fil-A! I'm so excited!!!

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Cheryl and Bricen said...

So glad the IEP went smoothly. I know from experience how great it feels to know our little one is with people who "get" them (or at least want to learn)!!!