Monday, August 30, 2010

Big step backwards

Today felt like a huge step backwards in many, many ways!

Asa was crying and screaming most of the day. Not in real pain, just tired and ill! If I wasn't sitting and holding him then he was crying. When I sat him in the floor and tried to do dishes, he scooted over and sat on my feet, reaching up to play with my kneecaps and whining! At 1:30 he finally sat and played with his toys! At 2 we had to leave and by 2:30 he was a screaming mess in the van while we were in the carpool line!

And while all of that is not fun it wasn't as worrisome as the loss of tone I noticed! I'd try to walk him and he'd lock his legs and want to be held. After school I sat him in the recliner and handed him his sippy cup. He took the cup but fell over trying to hold the cup! I know that the recliner isn't supportive seating but he hasn't had a problem before. And by 6:30 tonight he was slouching and stacking while sitting in the floor.

BUT.... He was eating like a rock star! He had 1/2 a waffle and a cup of soy milk for breakfast. Then as I got my supper he got very excited so I got him a yogurt. I also gave him several bites of my taco soup and he liked it. I'm not crazy though, I only gave him a few bites!!

Tomorrow is a therapy day and so I hope he perks back up.

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