Sunday, August 29, 2010

A busy week!

Many times something happens during our week and I can't wait to post it to the blog. Then when I finally get around to it, I've forgotten what was so funny or important! I may have to just force myself to post every other day so that I don't skip anything. That means though that many days will just be boring!

I did finally get the flyers for the Chick-fil-A night in my hands. Asa and I went in on Friday and ate lunch. Last week I took him inside and it was a near disaster!! It was my own fault though! I knew I couldn't carry him in so I got out the umbrella stroller. Once inside I should have put him in a highchair but I didn't see one so I plopped him down with me in the booth. Ha! He gained more mobility in that 15 minutes than in the last 15 months combined!!! This time I asked if they had highchairs and one was brought to me. Along with my food and the flyers! Asa sat much better this time! Here I was so proud that he was able to sit alone that I forgot the down sides!!

Asa tried out a new toy at PT this week. It is a mobile stander. It is a stander with big wheels so he can push himself around. He took right to it at therapy. I was so tickled. This will strengthen his upper body. We brought it home but he hasn't been so thrilled with it. I'm not sure what the difference is. I hope he will take to it so he can have another way to be mobile.

Even with the mobile stander, the gait trainer and the adaptive stroller I still feel like we are missing something. I want a way for Asa to be adventurous and explore when we are out and about. I realize this is something that I want and not something Asa really wants too badly! He is usually happy to be carried, pushed or held. And I know that if he has choices it'll be like the Chick-fil-A thing, him being busy and me trying to corral. Still that is how it is supposed to be. None of this equipment we have is very transportable. I guess he just isn't ready to be on his own yet!

Asa's eating has been up and down, mostly down. He was gaggy in feeding on Tuesday but then had a record day on Wednesday. I was so excited. Everyday since then has been downhill. I even used the tube today. First time in weeks! He is refusing the Pedisure, yogurt, pudding, oatmeal, everything! He asks for food when we eat (by pointing and squealing) but he won't really eat. I'll get it all set up and then he turns his head. Frustrating!! But, tomorrow is a new day!

We have a new addition here. We got a kitten from a neighbor. I'm soooooo allergic to cats and this was going to be an outside cat. It has been outside since birth. And that may have worked here if it wasn't for the stupid neighbor dog that kills cats!!!! We tried have cats 2 times before but this stupid dog killed both of them. Once I even witnessed the dog snatch the cat and run into the woods but could do nothing. This morning we woke up at 4am to the sound of a yelping, small dog and the growl of the big, old, vicious dog. Sure enough the dog has the kitten in the woods right next to the kids tree house. I have the flashlight and Barry has the gun!! He finally dropped the cat and ran. He was too old to get out of the gully with the cat! It looked bad but the cat is playing again tonight so we are hopeful he is fine. Makes me so mad that the kids can't have a cat at their own house because of this stupid dog! So now the cat is inside and I am testing allergy meds! Benedryl knocks me out. Zyrtec seemed OK. I had the liquid for kids and I finally stopped sneezing and itching. We'll see what this week brings but I'm thinking the dog may have pushed me to my limits and the cat may be outside and the dog goes bye bye!

The kids are loving the kitten and have to assign days for it to be their pet. If he is inside I wonder if the assigned week will also be the assigned cleanup week! He has 6 toes on both front paws and was named "Toesy". The kids named him Toby Toes! Mostly he is called "cat" right now though!

Ok the benedryl kicked in I'm just gonna hit "publish" and not even proof read! Have fun with the red pens!!!

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