Saturday, August 21, 2010

A boring week!

I haven't posted because not much has been going on! How's that for boring!! I can do boring!

Asa has slowed down on his eating. We still haven't used the pump but there are times we are BEGGING him to drink from his cup! And forget about eating real food! He has had his moments but he isn't as eager as was last week. He is also more floopy and less independent. Just when we get a little taste of progress we are knocked back down. This time so far we have only stumbled backwards and not fallen completely on our behinds!! Hopefully, he'll turn things back around this next week.

We did go to WIC this week. I have a love/hate relationship with this program! I'm thankful they cover his Pedisure and was beyond thankful when they covered his Neocate!! However I hate jumping through the hoops and since we are a "special" case, we are also a confusing case and apparently a learning case each appt. This time I called the director and went in on a day she was available. We were in and out in an hour!!! The last 2 times it has taken over an hour just to figure out how to get us in the computer! At this appt I also got the heads up that WIC was changing and TNCare would now be picking up all tube fed formulas. So I've gotten what I wanted many moons ago. TNCare will send his Pedisure to our door each month along with his tube supplies. Except they send cans and Asa won't drink the Pedisure from a can. It smells real metallic, I'm not tasting either of them! When we were just using the tube, this would have been my dream come true! Not so much now. We have 3 months to get him to drink it before I run out of WIC vouchers for the bottles.

I had hoped I could get him to drink regular milk and I tried an ounce or two on Tuesday at breakfast. It all went well until we were in carpool line at 3pm! He started just screaming in pain and gagging. I tried lots of stuff and can only assume it was the milk earlier. I tried hooking up a farrell bag but was too late and he puked everywhere. Then he wouldn't drain. I checked the bag over and over while he was screaming in pain and gagging and Anna was gagging! Then I got out a med. syringe but couldn't get anything to move. I tried flushing the button. I finally got out a 2oz. syringe and pushed water in and pulled it out. Turns out oatmeal doesn't travel through the tube so well. But why at 3 did he still have oatmeal from 8am in his belly. It was no fun having to manually empty his tummy but he felt much better.

On Friday Asa had PT and then we see his EI teacher. Last week she and the SLP thought it'd be a good idea for Asa to get his EI visit at the daycare they have across the street! Huh, what do they know! LOL, really I thought this was an excellent idea and I'm glad Asa can get a small taste of what school will be like in a few months! So this week he went into the classroom at the daycare. There were only 3 girls in there so it was a small class. Asa seemed excited by the room and toys. He tried out several centers and had a big time. There were some loud crashes and some crying in the room and Asa didn't even startle! I think he really liked it! These kids were all around a year old and that seemed perfect for Asa. I wouldn't mind him going into a classroom like this. Now a room of 3 and 4 year olds is another matter!!

Here are some pics of his daycare adventure!

This was Asa's first stop and he may have wanted to stay in this soft play area all day! Kinda like a play pen for big kids!

He liked the bead maze. He was standing alone like this for a long time. Well, technically he was propping himself on the table.

I got him interested in this bus by trying to get him to put the people inside the bus. He was only interested in the door! Open, close, open, close!

After therapy I took him inside Chick-fil-A by myself. Believe me, this trip is worthy of it's own post! His cup was malfunctioning and he couldn't get anything out of it. I asked for a little cup and lid and poured his Pedisure in it!

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Susan said...

I agree that boring is a good thing. I'm glad to hear that he enjoys "school" so much. I think it will do him a lot of good.