Thursday, August 12, 2010

To school or not to school

Before you start, pardon all typos! I'm blogging via mobile device because we are having a storm and
can't use the big computer. Also can't edit very well! Carry on...

I'm usually behind on things. I forget appointments until the last minute. If I don't put an appointment on the calendar you can count on it being overlooked!

And this is how I thought Asa's IEP for school was going to be! He won't start school until he turns 3 in October but before then we have to have a big meeting with EI, teachers, therapist, school officals, doctors reports, me and Asa. And there are 2 school choices for Asa. That is no small feat!!

Then somehow I messed up n the date of the IEP! I wrote it down as August 20 instead of September 20! Quite a difference! So in a panic last week I called one of the schools for 3 year olds with a special education class. I had an appointment to tour the school at 10:00am this morning. Boy, I was nervous!!! I was jittery, queasy, nervous!!! Not a good day to try out a new deoderant! It was only after I got to school #1 that they told me the IEP was a month away not a week away! That sure took the edge off!

School #1 was good. It was fine. The people were all very nice. I met the PT who will see him no matter which school he is in. I saw the gym and the cafeteria. I saw one classroom and met the teacher. The class looked like a regular pre-K class. There was circle time and blocks, books and tables, art eisles and paint. There was only 2 little boys in the class at the time. Both classes are half days so the afternoon crowd may have been bigger. There was a teacher and assistant in each class and usually 5 or 6 kids. Not bad numbers! The whole school is a pre-K school with a mix of special ed and typical classes.

While I was at school #1, they mentioned a "medically fragile" class at a nearby school. I've heard of this class before but never really thought of Asa as medically fragile. I thought I might as well try to tour his school and medically fragile class today too. Asa and I had an hour to kill and then off we went to school #2.

Like I said, both classes have half days and we arrived while the class was between students. The teacher had already heard of Asa. Does this mean he already has a reputation!! NO, they just have to plan for a certain amount of students so they already have an idea of students that might be coming in! Anyway, this classroom looked morelike a therapy gym to me. There were gait trainers and standers around for the kids to use during the day, not just PT time. There was touch screen computers and switch toys. They still had circle time but with rifton chairs. And I was drawn to the spectacular changing area! Not sure what it says about me that I was excited about the changing area!! Lol!

So what did Asa think about school?! He started out the morning not wanting to eat. He fussed and fitted. I finally said "if you want to go to school, you have to drink you cup". And he stopped fighting, picked up his cup and drank it down!! Really!!! At school #1 he was fine. He was friendly with the folks and didn't really fuss. At school #2 Asa was good as well. Then he reached up for the teacher from his chair!! She got him out and he started stepping around the room exploring! He went to the mat, played with a toy or two, walked around some more!!! He made himself at home!! He didn't want to leave! Before we left the teacher gave me her home and cell number! Now that is a brave woman!!!

So as you can probably tell, Asa and I both liked the medically fragile class at school #2! now I almost hate to wait until October for him to start! There are other medical kind of stuff and IEP stuff but so far so good and even a month early!!


Meghan said...

Kim and Asa,

Wow, the 2nd school sounds great! You are lucky that you have a choice in schools! Isn't this process exciting and scary at the same time?


Cheryl and Bricen said...

I remember the fear of sending Bricen last year, but school was so good for him.
He finishes his first week of school for this year today. He was SO excited to be going back. There were no tears; he walked into his old classroom, said "circle time" and went and sat down!!
Sounds like school number 2 will have the same effect on Asa (and you).