Friday, August 13, 2010

Mostly pictures...

I have several groups of pictures I need to post. I'm sure I could ramble on and on about the activity or circumstances but I'll spare you all the details and do a mostly picture post!


Asa loves the piano and doesn't miss a chance to bang away. We started out using the piano to distract him while he was in the stander or the high/lo chair. Then he progressed to the gait trainer with the seat. Recently, he could use the gait trainer without the seat but who knew he could play with no support at all!!!! He played like this for a second and then propped up on his forearms and clapped for himself! Hehehe!

Oh and we tried Cade's Under Armor shirt on him to see if it'd keep him cool. The heat index was 117 again today. Getting in and out of the car is brutal for him.


I tried cooling him off with a strawberry and banana smoothie from McD's today. I had a free coupon!!! He drank a few drinks and then would cry out and throw the cup in the floor. I'd pick the cup up and he'd cry for it back. I finally figured out he was probably getting a brain freeze!


Last Sunday my mom's work had tickets to the local minor league baseball game up for grabs. Oh, did I mention it was a skybox! Score!! Did I also mention that when we got to the game we found out kids eat for free! Hotdog, chips and drink for free!!! Score!!!!!

Some of us were very into the game.

Some, not so much!

But everyone had a good time!

It was sooo unreal hot! We watched from our balcony as a mother tried to keep her baby cool and happy. It wasn't going so well. My saint of a mother went down and invited her to come cool off in the skybox. She accepted and we met a new friend. You know she was hot if she stayed in there with our bunch, you saw the picture! Have I mentioned how kind and generous my sweet Moma is!!! I'm so blessed!


Does anyone know a good dentist!


Asa can identify his mouth, ears, hair, toes, eyes and......

NOSE! We don't ask him to show off this skill in public much!

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Susan said...

Loved your post with all the pictures. I especially like the one where Asa is showing his nose, lol.