Sunday, August 15, 2010

Asa the Adventurer

I usually wouldn't use the words Asa and adventure in the same sentence. Probably not even in the same paragraph! He just isn't a go getter!! He has never had a desire to try new things. Not new foods, not new routines, not new people, not new skills, not new toys. Nope, Asa has never been one for adventures!

Until lately that is! He has really been more interested in food than ever before. He usually tries a bite of whatever we are having. Yesterday I made chocolate chip mini muffins for breakfast and was giving him pinches. He had taken several pieces and seemed tired of it so I stopped and went on back to the computer. After playing a few minutes he started grunting at me. When I looked at him he pointed to the muffin laying in front of him and wanted more! Ha!!! I happily obliged even though he could have asked a little nicer! :) And he was more than able to self feed the bites I had for him!

Today took the cake though! After lunch at my moms, Asa was a happy scooting boy! It was a loud house today too! It was too hot to go outside so all the kids were inside and loud! Asa was fine with the noise. Never bothered him once! He scooted and played. He played with the Connect Four game. He scooted himself into the box!! I didn't see that and I wasn't totally convinced he didn't have "help" getting in but everyone assured me that he did it himself! He also quietly (sneakily?) got the Monopoly money from the banker and had a time scattering and playing in it until he got busted!! I was so proud of him today! He handled lots of noise and excitement. He was entertaining himself. It was a great Sunday afternoon!

Once we got home he did get sick though. I don't know what set him off but he lost it. I left him with Barry and went on to church. When we got home Barry was in the kitchen and Asa was no where around! This is the tale Barry told...

After Asa woke up from his crash, he was busy sitting on Barry so Barry put him down so he could play. Asa scooted over to his toys and was playing happily. Until he pulled a lamp over! The lamp got caught on the treadmill so it didn't crash but it spilled dead ladybugs out all over the treadmill! As Barry is picking up the lamp and getting it secure and arranging the toys, Asa scoots over to play in the dead ladybugs! GROSS!! When Barry gets him out of that mess, he notices that Asa is dirty and so is the floor! And no poopy diaper story would be complete unless the shirt got so dirty that it had to be cut off and much wiping took place to get Asa back into the clean!! So now Barry has to clean the changing area and the floor! He sits Asa in the kitchen floor while he mixes up the carpet cleaner and goes into the living room to clean the carpet. When he gets done he notices that Asa isn't in the kitchen anymore but in our BATHROOM!!! Asa has never ventured into our bedroom, much less our bathroom! And that is when we come in from church!!! Asa squealed with delight when the big kids found him in the bathroom. Like he was leading a game of hide and seek! So cute...for me, I missed the mess this time!!!

I would have never thought Asa would get into so much trouble as he did today. Just a busy exploring boy! Now I'm not so sure if I'll be this thrilled with this new Asa the Adventure by this time tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like ya'll are going to have to put a leash on that boy, lol...just kidding! I just can't get over all the progress he is is so wonderful :oD