Monday, October 3, 2011


Wow, when did October sneak in here? Or maybe it didn't sneak up on me after all but instead I was just turning a blind eye!

Asa will turn 4 on Friday! 4 years old! Its bittersweet really. At years old he is dependant on us as much as a 6 month old would be. I think each year will widen the developmental gap for him. Even as he gains skills the rest of the world surges ahead by keeps and bounds, not at the snail's pace that would allow him to catch up. On the other hand, he IS 4!!! We made it 4 years! Yay!!!!

I'm planning a Birthday Burger Bash! Several years ago, when we saw Dr. Koenig in Houston, I asked if we should just give up on oral feeds and get happy with tube feeds. We'd been trying for sooooo long to get him to eat with very little results. Dr. K told us to keep trying to feed him and that when he was "16 and wants to grab a burger with friends, he'll thank you"! And while he isn't 16 yet, he will eat some bites of a Burger! On Saturday he ate a whole hot dog! I peeled the outside off and pinched it into tiny bites and it took him an hour but he finished it. I didn't push him to finish but he'd fuss if I took his plate away. He didn't eat much else til Sunday morning late so it wasn't a perfect plan!

October is also full of appts for Asa. Next Monday we see a new developmental ped. The next 17th is a trip to Vandy for cardio. The 19th is GI. Try as I may, I couldn't get them all for 1 day. And our geneticist/neuro couldn't see him until November 22. I should also try to get him in to the eye doctor while we're at it!

Before I know it October will be gone and Christmas will be upon us! YIKES!

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Debbie said...

An early happy birthday wish...

4 years is definitely something to celebrate!
I hope and pray it's a wonderful day for Asa and all his family!

Sending huge bday hugs from Hudson and family!