Monday, September 26, 2011

I keep hearing this song. It's based on the biblical story of Naomi and Ruth. From the first time I heard it I thought of Asa though. Maybe you'll agree, maybe not, but I thought I'd share.

Asa has had a few fun filled days. This is his kind of weather! On Friday we had an early morning appointment. Since Asa tires so easily I try not to plan much before school. Sometimes I have to take whatever appt is available. After the appt and a disappointing trip to the pharmacy, Asa had gotten tired and was in the middle of a huge gagfest and meltdown. Instead of taking him across I decided wed skip school, rest and reset and then have a picnic at the accessible park. The weather was wonderful. Asa dozed off on the short drive over. After he woke up and we had a picnic we set out to play! The playground has 4 ramps. Asa spent the next hour pointing at ramps that he wanted me to push him up and down! And he didn't want to stop! I got my exercise! I also made him do some pushing so he could build those arms!

After the park we went to the grocery store for a few things. Asa pointed to the bananas and after he signed "banana" I gave him one to hold. I was surprised when I turned around and he had peeled it open!! I didn't know he could do that! I felt a little odd explaining to the cashier that I'd let him eat one and why it was exciting. She was great though and cheered along with us!

On Saturday we had a family reunuion. Asa kept trying to roll put the doors to play outside. He couldn't get over the threshold but after the great banana event I was afraid to take my eyes off of him! He did spend alot of time pointing so I could push him around outside!

On Sunday Asa went to big church, not the nursery or Children's Church. He did reaaly good. He was very quiet but early on he handed me his talking cards (PECS) and showed me "home"! Ha!!! Then he gave me the "drink" card 3 times so I took him out to get his cup. Once we got to the other room though, he just wanted to play! Faker!!

After church and lunch, he hung out with my dad. I'm not sure what all they did but they were outside for hours. Asa must have been worn out because he slept from 8:30 last night til 11:30 today. Soooo, he missed school again today! Probably a good idea too. He spent 2 hours trying to poop! No kidding 2 hours! He was drenched in sweat and tonight he has petechia on his face from pushing. It was awful but I'll spare you the details. I'm sad to say he only produced a tiny amount so he'll have to redo the process again. I wish we could come up with a good plan so this doesn't have to happen every few days.

Sorry if that TMI but its just how we roll here!

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