Saturday, September 3, 2011

September already?

<p>I can't believe its September already! Don't get me wrong, I'm ready for fall! The cooler temps, changing and falling leaves, pumpkin muffins and especially the return of my goodies and long sleeves! I've been touching them every time I open my closet for several weeks! I just love autumn!!</p>
<p>What I don't love is the way this year is flying by! Sure there are days that I'm just ready to close the books on the day but for the most part wish I could just hit the slow button! I kinda feel like things are easy right now. Anna isn't on the go to much. It won't be long until she has a drivers licence and a part time job and I'll have to vie for her attention. Cade and Gracie get along pretty well at the moment. They have such creative ideas and plans! Cade has really been very easy to get along with and surprisingly obedient. For a while he'd argue with us about anything we asked him to do. Lately though he has not only not argued but done what we've asked as soon as we ask! You can see how I'd love to hold him in this stage! Gracie is still in between the stage of innocence and growing up. She can still make the sassiest comments but in such an innocent way that you can't punish her because surely she didn't realize who grown that sounded! Right?! She was pretending to text her "boyfriend" the other day. She texted that he should like Gracie better because Jesuce (Jessica) couldn't beat her at tetherball! Where does she get this stuff?</p>
<p>And Asa. Lets just face it, the older and bigger he gets, the harder he is to deal with. He is make slow progress but the older he gets the more obvious his delays become. I've felt those old twinges of jealousy as I've seen typical kids his age. Don't get me wrong, we are by blessed that he has the skills he does and I don't know why these feelings creep up when I least expect them. The older and bigger he gets also,makes it physically harder to handle him. Picking him up out of bed, out of the tub, out of the highchair, lifting him into the van then out of the van, then there's the wheelchair. And you don't even want to know about the diaper changes! I'm considering getting a potty chair just to see what happens. I keep looking at them but I honestly have such low expectations that I feel buying one would be like flushing money down the toilet....pun intended. Maybe for his bday next month.

I hate to complain about Asa  because he is really doing pretty good right now. Most days he is eating 3 tiny meals. Real meals like a pop tart for breakfast then a slice of deli meat and a couple of potato straws for lunch, followed by several bites of whatever we have for supper. He usually has 3 8oz cups of soy or rice milk and a juice box each day. The last few days I've substituted Elecare for the milk. I don't mix it to 30cals/oz though because that seems so thick and heavy that he only wants to drink not eat. I got an email from his GI on Thursday though. Well, technically, she sent it a month ago but I just found it. The dietician looked at the feeding journal I sent in and Asa  needs more calories a day, like 400 more calories a day. That may not seem like a lot for me but when he is still getting sick on what he has now its hard to seeing adding more food or formula. I'm not sure if they figured in that he is really, really seditary. Does 100cals/kg or 1350cals for a 30lber sound familiar to anyone?  And then we are back to the more he gains, the more I strain trying to care for him. He seems thinner but not FTT again.

Anyway, enough of my rambling! College football is on and I'm bored but I won't make y'all read anymore of my crazy thoughts though. Maybe I'll browse YouTube since I have REAL internet now!


Debbie said...

I understand how you feel....I go through cycles of being "ok" and also feeling the angst and jealous spark of the "typical" world....and don't get me started about how much my back aches from lifting a 35lber.....tough stuff!
Your not alone in thought and feeling!

marie clare said...

Ryan is 33lbs but very tall. His nutritionist wants him on 1380 - 1550 / day to maintain. Will Asa eat breakfast essentials in his milk? It adds some calories but not bulk.