Saturday, September 10, 2011

Asa's school got a new toy. The 3 special ed classes share it but so far its in Asa's class everyday. It's called a Tap-It. It's like a huge touch screen tablet. He really likes it but every time I try to video him he starts screaming! Naturally!

Because he pays with the Tap-It and the switch button computers, he also loves the Toshiba Thrive tablet we got recently. One of the first things I did with the tablet is try out the camera. The dog was lying in a pallet that Cade and Gracie made to turn flips in and I called him to me. It was a simple, quick video. Then I found an app called "Toddler Video Lock". The app plays pre selected videos in a loop that locks out all the function keys of the tablet so kids can't exit the app. Since the doggie video was the only video on the computer, it was the only video that Asa could watch. Surprisingly, the dog video cracks Asa up! The funny thing is that since Asa works with cause and effect so much, he thinks his tapping the screen is making the dog run! And if you notice in the video, he also knows to tap the lower right corner so a menu opens up. He also knows this about the Tap-It at school!

And speaking of school, Asa's IEP is coming up on Thursday. His teacher and discussed how neither of us thinks he ready for the next class. He just doesn't handle the transitions of the day well at all. As we were talking Asa was eating his lunch, a slice of deli turkey torn in pieces and 1/2 piece of cheese in small pieces. I put it in a small clear container. Asa picks out the turkey and eats the cheese first. This in itself is a great OT and sorting skill! During our chat and his lunch, he put a block in the little, near empty container. Mrs. Joyce commented that Asa had left 2 pieces of cheese in the container. She said this to me as Asa was playing with something else. He overheard her and immediately picked up the container and started digging the cheese pieces off the side! It was so funny and just goes to show how great his receptive language is. He really understands everything we say! It must be so frustrating to him that he can't tell us what he wants and needs or that we can't understand him! Maybe one day!


The Martin Family said...

Oh that is very frustrating! I hope one day he is able to find his own special way to communicate with you.

Cheryl and Bricen said...

The video is so cute!!!