Sunday, September 4, 2011

Big boy class

Today was promotion day at church. For the last 3+ years Asa has been in the nursery at our church. We are a small church with a lot of family there so Asa's been cared for by the best and closest of folks. Today Asa moved into the 3-5 year old class. I was pretty worried about how it'd go. Asa hasn't even made it church in the last long while, unless you count last week when we got there and Asa got sick so Barry just took him back home.

 He did great though! He sat at the table in his wheelchair and colored and played with his 2 friends. I didn't hear any screaming and I'm right across the hall so I'd know! Our class doors have little glass windows in them and I know there were several people peaked in on him! I taught children's church afterwards and he was good in there too. I hope each week will be this smooth! I put a link to the Wish GRANTed page on the right hand of the screen. It'd be great if you'd visit the page and "like" it. And share it on your own FB page. Help Delany get 10,000 likes and raise awareness!

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