Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What a difference a few days makes!

Our temperatures took a huge drop when TS Lee blew upwards from the coast. Our high today was in the mid 70s! I broke out my jeans and hoodie! Yay!!! It was sunny but a little windy. All in all, it was Asa's kind of weather!!!! And a million times better than the 90s and triple digit heat indexes we've had for weeks now!

He didn't do his usual screaming and squealing on the car ride home from school because I kept talking about how we'd play outside when we got home. And boy, did we ever!

First, Asa rode around the front yard in his Power Wheels car. We ate in a rural area and have a 4-6 ft woodsy stretch between the road and the yard. I turned Asa's steering wheel so that he'd go in a circle. He's never turned the wheel before so i thought i was brilliant! Anna and I were playing soccer and Asa kept going into the rough! What a turkey! When we ride the 4wheeler he always points into the woods so we have to go onto the trails. He loves the sound of the leaves and twigs cracking and snapping. So silly!

Then, to get him away from the woods, I took him to the back yard. He played some tetherball and jumped on the trampoline. He really likes the trampoline.

Finally, when Cade and Gracie got off the bus I tried to get him to come back inside. That was a no-go! So instead I brought the gait trainer outside and let him do some dirt driving. The area where we took the pool down is nice and flat so I set him walking there. At first he did great! I was trying to get someone to video but the big guys were all devoted to their homework.....really?!!! My video is sloppy and I'm sooo loud but it's documented none the less! Here's the link but seriously, I'm loud so turn the volume OFF! Lol!

It seems that Asa's colon also liked the cool weather....or maybe it was all the Miralax and Colate....because we had to come inside to change 3 diapers! In just a few hours! We were inside when Barry came home and the talk of supper started! Cade requested a weenie roast on a long as there was no electronics!!!

Asa seemed to love the campfire too. He just sat so quietly and watched. He ate almost 1/2 of a turkey dog too! After supper the kids played on the swingset for the first time all year! Asa loved playing in the tower and even went down the slide with help a few times. It was only another poopy diaper that finally forced us inside for good!

Unfortunately, the night ended with gagging, some puke and a drain tube! Same as last night! Other than that today was a great day and I hope Asa made some memories!

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Sarah said...

OMG> I love the squeal he does! he's so precious!