Monday, October 17, 2011


Perfect....not a word we hear to describe Asa often....not from a doctor, that is! Of course we all know that Asa is perfect, created just as God designed!

Today was appointment #2 in our October Specialist Marathon. We travelled 3 hours each way to see Asa's cardiologist. Asa had an echo and EKG. He was soooo good for both tests. And the report is that Asa's heart is "perfect"! And we don't have to see him for 2 years! Yay!!

This is very, very good news! We know that Asa's muscles, GI system, brain and eyes are affected by mito. Thankfully all of these are mildly affected but it does add up. It's great to have a "perfect" report on his heart!

So we have the developmental ped and cardio under our belts. Wednesday is GI. Vandy called this morning and moved our November genetics appointment up to next Tuesday. I need to get him in with the optometrist and figure out all the new autism stuff so I can make appts for that too! I told you October is busy!!

At least when I'll be able to quickly recall the dates of our last appts when I have to give a history to a new doc! We are seeing everyone in October 2011!

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Heidi said...

YAY, a healthy heart is such a relief! We also got that report for Jack, and I was so happy we could cross that one off our list, at least for now anyway. Thats a scary one. Weve also been going to appts non stop, but thinking the new year will slow down, I hope anyway. Praying the upcoming appts are also good for ASA, hugs and always prayers for your family-
Heidi & Jack.