Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More appointments!

We headed back to Vandy yesterday but not without a little drama!

Gracie woke up with a fever. She's been coughing but yesterday was the only time she had a fever. I got plans squared away with my mother-in-law for her to take care of Gracie. Not long after I hung up with her, Anna texted that her freind, who she was riding home with, was sick and not at school! Call number 2 to my amazing MIL!

And the kids weren't the only ones trying to stomp my plans! On Sunday Barry changed the oil in my van. He noticed a bigger problem and I picked up a replacement part on Monday. Barry and my dad worked all evening putting the new parts on ink to discover it was a totally different part needed! Poor guys were tired! With my van up on blocks we had to take Moma's van. Daddy picked up the water pump and they put it on Tuesday after work while we were at Vandy. The blessing in this is that the van didn't break down on me on the road somewhere! And also having handy fellas who can fix almost anything!

So Moma and I headed back to Vandy for a 3:30 appointment with a dietician and a 4:30 appt with the neuro/geneticist. The dietician was a last minute booking and they were late. This left little time for talking. They suggested adding more calories either with Duocal or another formula. I questioned (a tiny bit) how we could get off formula. I didn't get too far! Since we were running out of time I mostly just listened. It's kinda pointless to even be talking about all this now...before the gastric empty scan.

After that we headed up to neuro/genetics. I've asked all of Asa's docs to help figure out his panic/puke/crash episodes. I keep getting the same answer....anxiety and up the Zoloft. Dr. Tyler explained it best..... in a normal person we get startled and our body has a quick reaction. In Asa, his body and brain don't communicate quickly enough for him to calm his body down after a startle. So he gets startled and then his body goes through all this reactions before he can calm again. Once it starts there is no way to really stop the reaction so we use Zoloft to keep him from having the startle to be in with! Now, his episodes have gotten soooo much better but the are still there and he is set off nearly everyday! It is no fun for us so I'm sure its no fun for him! We see the ped tomorrow for a 4 year old check up and to get him to up the Zoloft. Hopefully that helps!

Friday Barry and I head back to Vandy for the scan. I really hope this gives us some answers! Truthfully I hope the test is really abnormal! Hows that for a prayer request! Let me explain.... Our thinking is that Asa's stomach doesn't release the food into the intestines fast enough. That keeps him from feeling hungry but also keeps him nauseated and gaggy. My fear is that when we wake him at 4am to be at Vandy at 8am, well, his tummy will be empty, will have woken up on the 3 hour drive and will perform perfectly for the scan. I'm told the scan leaves a lot of room for interpretation. So even going to these great lengths we still may have no answers. Sounds like a familiar song!

After the scan I'll try the suggestion of the dietician but I'm pretty done with pushing so much formula that he just pops. I'm not sure where the middle ground is but I'm looking for it!

I'm editing to add that Asa was a doll for this whole trip! He was very "coo-ey" on the ride up, making lots of new and different sounds. He was great in the waiting room an for the docs. He was pretty abusive to Moma though, climbing all over her and being busy! He rolled his wheelchair all down the hallways and the waiting room. It was great! We were about 20 mins from home when he got sick nd puked all over himself but at least we were almost home! Poor kiddo!

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