Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Asa!

Asa turned 4 years old on Friday, October 7th. Our schedules were jam packed Friday and Saturday so we had a birthday lunch and party on Sunday. I don't think Asa minded! We had a Birthday Burger Bash. This is the first year Asa has had any desire to really eat. I love it when Asa wants, really wants, to eat! We battled for so many years to get him to eat just a few foods....just applesauce or yogurt. Forget textures or anything that required chewing. If it hadn't been for Asa's awesome feeding/speech therapist I'm sure I'd given up and he'd be 100% tube fed today!

We did a Burger Bash because on our second visit to Houston to see Dr Koenig, I asked about the feeding and the tube. I asked if we should just give up on eating and embrace the feeding tube. It take much less precious energy if Asa didn't have to worry about eating but just got his nutrition from his tube. Dr K told us not to give up because "when Asa is 16 and wants to grab a burger with friends, he'll thank you"! Wow, that gave us such hope and we trudged along! And now at 4 years old Asa can eat a burger.....he choose not to but he can!

Here's the party videos first. I had been playing "happy birthday" with Asa all week so he wouldn't freak out when we all started singing to him. I was also hopeful that he would blow out the candle since he can blow a pinwheel......with his nose! Turns out the candle REALLY freaked him out! That's why he pushes the cake away at the end of the song. He expected a lighted candle.

He did finally get into the cake! He ate and played and ate and smeared and ate some more! And yes, all that cake did make him sick! I'm not sure that he isn't still feeling the affects of the cake!

This cake was so cute in the order book. It was made with fondant and was bright and colorful. Oh well, I still like the idea.

Of course he didn't want anything to do with his burger party! He did have a great time with the corn on the cob! I should post all those pics. He just kept touching and humming and picking it up above his head. Next year we'll have a corn party!

Making a dent in the cake!

And then the coming down from the high! He was resting on the couch with me......

But feel asleep with Daddy! Man, birthday parties are hard work!

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