Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Fun

On Saturday, we took the kids from church to Falcon Ridge Farms for some corn mazing, pumpkin picking, petting zoo petting and all around fall fun. Unfortunately only 4 of the kiddos ended up going and 2 were mine!

Look how smiley they are in the van! They soon got tired of me and my camera!

Still smiling as we entered!

This is the whole group....minus me taking the pic and Asa strapped to my back in the carrier, which I LOVE and wish I'd owned longer! The 3 girls charged ahead and beat the rest of us. I'm pretty sure they didn't read the clues but just forged ahead and made their own way out!

Corn box after the corn maze. Asa loved it!!! And it was really cool. The kids skin was cool to the touch when they got out. I'm thinking we need a corn box for Asa in the summer!

Each took a turn being buried in the corn. I'm not sure I see the facination but then again I didn't get in!

Gracie in the bouncy ball corral!

And since it was empty, we adults gave it a go too. My legs still hurt!!! It is harder than it looks! And I must be the most uncoordinated person in the world because I feel of backwards and forwards!!! Thankfully Anna missed those shots and only has me on the ground!

Asa liked this swing and would drag his toes in the dirt as he went by. Reminded me of the tire swing and huge tree we use to play on at my grandmother's house. Her dirt was the best!

Chilling with Cade in the hammock.

And just because we are big kids at heart.... A tea party with Asa's sippy cup and juice box!!

It was a great day!!! The kids had a blast, the weather was great, the company was a blessing and Asa had the best day in weeks! He didn't puke or get freaked out one single time! Even though we really pushed the limits!

And I'd like some tips from all you folks who are posting pics of family pumpkin outings where the little darlings are in matching clothes and are all posing and smiling. We did good to even be dressed and I'm not 100% sure Gracie brushed her hair at all that day....she is boycotting it seems! Not to mention that each time I said "smile" they ran for the hills, or corn box! I'm not complaining but I'm wondering if my parenting handbook was missing that chapter. How bout someone just cut and paste my little darlings head onto the bodies of your perfectly posed and dressed kiddos. Feel free to not use Gracie's real hair....I'm thinking she'll be in dreads by Christmas!

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