Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A few "firsts"

Asa's had a couple of "firsts" this week.

On Tuesday, as soon as we got to school, he had his very first school pic made. I was running late and the photographer was finishing up so I just ran out there with Asa. I sat him down on the spinning stool and the guy snapped a few. I'm sure they aren't great but its exciting that he got to do it! Asa had been self feeding applesauce that morning and gotten some in his hair. I tried using a baby wipe to clean him up but you can imagine how well that looked! I can't wait to get the proofs back!

Right after the pics, we went a few rooms down and they were doing vision and hearing screenings. I really just wanted to see how Asa would react and he did great! The best part is that his vision and hearing are both perfectly normal! Yay!!!

And then today! Today Asa was measured for his first pair of leg braces. He'll be getting SMOs, which come up just over the ankle. Asa's floppy muscles and loose joints don't support his weight well and his ankles roll inward. These braces will support his arch and ankles so this turning doesn't become a huge problem later on. After the fitting we had a pattern wheel of patterns to choose from. Asa really wasn't into sharing the pattern wheel so I just picked a sports theme with baseballs and basketballs. It'll take a month or more to get the braces approved and made.

Here are a few pic of the brace fitting. I wish I'd had my camera with me for the school pic and screening. I feel like I missed a milestone! Hahaha!!

Don't let this fool you, this was the only time he wasn't cooperative! Asa likes shoes so he thought he was picking out a new pair!

Asa had to have his own tape measure too!

Still "helping"!

And a closer inspection. Check out that face! He was unhooking the Velcro strap and is still a little unsure of the sound and feel of Velcro!

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Clara-Leigh said...

Asa is getting so big and is so precious!!!!!!! I just wish I could give him a great big hug!!!