Friday, October 28, 2011

Self doubt and reassurances!

It may be surprising to you to hear that I over think things. I play and replay decisions in my head. I guess many of us do that but I find myself doing about nearly everything with Asa....his meds, his docs, his tests, he food, his everything!

After our appointment with GI last week we decided he needed a gastric empty scan. Even with all Asa's GI issues he's never been investigated as to why. We can assume and try meds but he still has issues, major issues! So weset up the appointment at Vandy and it was this morning at 8am. Since we were just at Vandy on Tuesday I really didn't want to go back. We tried and debated and tried some more to get the scan done here in Jackson. Even after talking to the nuclear medicine tech here it just seemed like the best place for the test was Vandy.

And then I questioned and over thought whether we should go up last night and sleep in a hotel or drive up 3:hours and battle rush hour traffic this morning. Finally at 5:00pm I placed a super low bid on Price line to see if we could even get a room we could afford. Surprisingly we won and it was a great hotel! I love it when God gives me reaffirmation that I'm on the right path!

This is in the hotel this morning before the appointment. He was so good!

We got there early and it was pretty empty. About as empty as when Mom a and I left there at 6pm on Tuesday! Asa liked checking out the stairs and the automatic door. He made a little friend too. I wish I'd had the camera when he reached up and poked her in the ear! Lol

For this test they laced some of Asa's Elecare formula with a contrast. Then he laid on his back, strapped to a mat, with a scanner 6" above his body. Oh and he did this for 2 hours!!! I was so afraid that sensory sensitive boy would freak out some part of the process but he didn't! Not one little bit! As one friend said....Asa was unnatuarally good and insensitive!

He had to have a syringe to play with too! This entertained him for 1/2 the test!

A big thumbs up because he was handling it all like a rock long as he had an ear!

This is all the clearance he had. The straps were from his ankles up to his chest.

Clapping when he was finished! I don't know if you can tell but there was a huge sweat ring on the pillow from his head!

And as happy as I was for him doing so well, I was even happier when we got invited to a Rascal Flatt concert on our way out! Yep, we listened to them perform for 30 mins and then got to met them and chat and take pics!They were very sincere and kind with all the kids!

And if you don't know who Rascal Flatt is here is a song they were singing as we went in! Tons of emotions and lots of teary eyes!

Oh and we won't know anything about the test until next week.

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