Friday, March 9, 2012


I keep trying to find words to introduce this video. Maybe something eloquent about how hard Asa's worked, his drive and determination. Or maybe I should recount his whole history and how we got to this point. That'd take so long though and I really think you'll get the idea after you watch the video!'s 5+ minutes! Don't worry about watching the whole thing. Nothing amazing happens....well, nothing ELSE amazing. Enjoy watching but continue reading below for some important "thank you's"!!! Above all remember that God is faithful and His timing is not our timing!

Over the years we have tried different combos of gait trainers, walkers, supports, push toys, motivators, etc but we always come up short. Last week I was at Gracie and Cade's school and told another parent about building the PVC walker. Her daughter is in Gracie's class and has used a walker since I met her in kindergarten. She has progressed to using walking sticks now! Last week though, this mom asked if we wanted to try her daughter's walker. I jumped at the chance even though Asa would probably snub his nose at it like he'd done the rest! Well, we brought it home today and put it in front of Asa as soon as we got out of the van. He did balk and squeal at first. He also needed some motivational pushes. It didn't take him long to decide that freedom was kinda fun. He had already walked down the hill and back up before I started videoing. I can't wait for tomorrow morning to see him walking again!


Anonymous said...

awesome, just awesome!

Anonymous said...

Celebrating inchstones...maybe today "foot"stones!!! God's goodness! Praises to our LORD! Mrs.Margaret

Kim and Asa said...

You are right about that Mrs. Margaret!!!