Friday, March 2, 2012


Asa and I had a couple of adventures this week. We had to take the dog to the groomers and had about an hour to kill before school started. We have an old train depot downtown that's been turned into a museum. They have tons of memorabilia, a couple of cars you can walk through and an amazing train display.

We were the only ones there and had the run of the place. Asa really liked the model trains. We had to walk around and around watching the trains zoom by. We walked through the outdoor trains but it was windy and drizzly and we didn't get to look very much. When we came back inside Asa sat in the floor playing with a Thomas train while I looked around some. I'd say he liked the trains!

On Thursday Asa had Aquatherapy and I was telling Sarah about the trains. She reminded me that down the road is the Casey Jones train museum. So after therapy we headed to another train store! Again, we were the only ones there! This time Asa got to push the buttons to make the trains go. I call that good OT! They had 2 train tables. Asa could stand up and lean on them to play. They were a little low so his was horrible. There was a large carpeted riser area to watch movies so I drug one table over to the steps so he could sit and play. Again he had a really good time.

Asa has never really cared for toys. This is the first time he's played trains. He really liked when they crashed! I'd say we found a couple of fun hangouts to kill time now!

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