Saturday, March 24, 2012


Yesterday was a sunny, gorgeous day! It was the perfect day for the 3rd Annual Jackson Culley Mito What? 5K! I always get an emotional lump in my throat when we pull into the parking lot and see all the cars and the runners stretching. This year it was no different. Over 400 people had signed up as runners, walkers or as spirit runners. I love the spirit runner idea because lots of folks couldn't actually be at the race but could show their love and support by signing up to run in spirit. As of race time over $15,000 was raised. In the last 3 years this little race has sent over $60,000 to the UMDF and raised a ton of awareness!

This race started off with a balloon release in honor of Emma, who lost her battle with mito last summer.

After the runners took off, we started the Jack's Pack mile walk. The kids were cute busting through the banner!

Asa rode in the stroller but walked as we got close to the finish line. He had no desire to go to the finish line though! He only wanted to get into the grass forget about the road!

This is the 3 mito guys in the Memphis area. Jackson is the namesake for the walk and the Millington native. He's wearing a crown in honor of sweet Emma. Her family and friends all had them on. I love Bryan's shirt....DON'T GIVE UP!

Team Asa grew this year because my awesome cousin, Lacy, had a baby in November. Lacy gets the Team Asa MVP award because she got 2 sweet girls up early on a Saturday morning so they could be at the race before 8am! Thank you again, Lacy (and DaniLyn and Hazely)!!

Later in the afternoon my nephew had a bowling party. Look at Asa sitting with the big boys! Those party blowers let out the loudest, squealiest sound. Asa still can't blow but he'd put it in his mouth and make his own squeal! Asa had root beer and a cupcake too. He wouldn't try the pizza though.

And he even bowled. How cute are those tiny bowling shoes?!

I think Asa liked bowling well enough. He had plenty of help. As soon as he pushed the ball, Gracie, Jack and Simon all clamored to get him the next one ready! Asa didn't care to share and take turns either. He only made it half a game before he was done.

All things considered Asa did great! He was up at 5:30 and on the road for 1.5 hours to the walk. Then he was outside for several hours with a lot of activity. He was in the bouncy house twice. After the race we had breakfast at CFA and he played in their playground. Then we went to the mall for several hours before the bowling party. Then the bowling alley. The arcade was loud, the boys were loud, the bowling was loud and warm. Still Asa did very, very good! Such a blessing!


Heidi said...

awww, seeing him walk with his walker brought a tear to my eye... so sweet, loved all the pics :)

(ok who else hates the double words we must type in to leave a comment these days?!!! I think this is why people dont comment much anymore... ugh) BTW, Ive set mine to dismiss this process but not sure its working since theyve changed this, maybe you can tell me??!) hugs

Kim and Asa said...

Heidi, I do hate that! I didn't know mine was doing, thought I'd turned it off too! And I just commented in yours and it didn't redirect it.